Will Power

Determination. Drive. Strength of character. Resolution. Resolve. Purposefulness. Commitment. Dedication. Tenacity.

workout commitmentI know that if I don’t get out of bed in the morning to workout, I will just lay there for the next 30 minutes thinking about how I should have gotten up, trying to figure out when I will fit a workout in the day ahead, feeling guilty. When I skip a planned morning workout, I always regret it. This is not to say that I get up every single morning, 7 days each week and workout. I schedule sleep-in days and I do not feel an ounce of guilt for them. It is the unplanned days where I lack the will power to get up and get moving, where I let my mind talk me out of it — mind over matter — don’t think, just do. My husband has an amazing amount of will power. He has been running far longer than I have and he just can’t go a day without it. He goes in terrible, windy, cold, blizzard-y weather because he cannot even imagine not going. His will power trait trickles into other areas of his life as well. He shows such dedication to many things and I admire him for it. I will also admit that my will power has increased over the years primarily because of watching and admiring my his determination.

The will to succeed in whatever you’re doing in life is such a valuable trait – or is it a skill? Is will power something that you’re born with or something that you can attain? Nature or Nurture?

Do you have it?

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2 thoughts on “Will Power

  1. Thank you for letting me know this post was up! Ugh, on your last question. The obvious answer for me as I lay on the couch in pjs at 1005 am is no. But then guilt, and your motivating post kicks in. Ok, fine. I’m going to go get dressed for the gym. 😉

    • This is such a hard time of year to muster up motivation. The cold, dark mornings make me want to roll over and go back to sleep too! Once it starts to feel like spring, it is SO much easier! Thanks for reading!

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