What Would My Imaginary Trainer Say to Motivate Me?

This is my first time using the topic on the The Fit Dish Link-Up and I’m so excited because it’s such a fun topic!

This week’s topic is what would your personal trainer (in my case my imaginary trainer) say to you to get you motivated?

I have a competitive spirit. Yes, I’m that girl on the treadmill next to you always .1 mph faster than you. It’s not personal, I just see your speed and think, “I can do that” and then I have to try it. So my trainer would tell me how many reps they got in when they did the workout or how fast they ran their 5 miles. Now, this is all within reason. If their speed or their number of reps is completely unrealistic and out of reach, it’s going to backfire and I’m not going to work any harder.

Another tactic that would work for me is a Boot Camp – Sergeant – Jillian Michaels – type trainer. I respond better to someone who is making me mad. Mad equals faster running, more push-ups, heavier weights, you get the picture.

And finally, my trainer would shout words of encouragement such as, only 30 more seconds, only another quarter mile, you’ve got this, let’s see you kick this hill’s a$$.

What would your trainer say to you?

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3 thoughts on “What Would My Imaginary Trainer Say to Motivate Me?

  1. I would love Jillian as a trainer…I think 🙂

    It’s amazing how well something as simple as only .25 mile left, only 30 secs works! That mindset. It will make or break us every time!

    Thanks for being a part of the #fitfam

  2. Holy smokes, I am the very same! Though, I have avoided the treadmill for awhile. But, I like the tough love, and encouragement too. Thanks so much for linking up! I love your blog header! Take care, Meg! #fitfamlove

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