What Makes A Woman Inspiring?

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I’m linking up today with Jill Conyers and Jessica Joy for the weekly #FitDish Linkup. The optional topic today is, “What makes a woman inspiring”?

To me, a woman (or any person, really) is inspiring when they do what they do for the sole sake of getting it done and not for the sake of glory, credit, or pats on the back. When doing the right thing is the only thing and it comes naturally.

I am inspired by strong women who have the respect of others that you can see when she walks into a room. That kind of respect is so clearly earned that one would have to be inspired by it. When she speaks her mind, people actually listen and take stock in her opinions — that is inspiring.

I’m also inspired by the woman who is able to do it all — the daily workout, the healthy eating for the entire family, the regular blogging, the full time job, being a good parent, has polite kids,…. does that person exist? Because if so, I truly admire her!

What inspires you? Any inspirational women in your life?

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10 thoughts on “What Makes A Woman Inspiring?

    • And what makes it less inspiring is that so often the “dumbness” is just an act because they think that is what others want. Be intelligent. Be strong. Exercise your voice. People worth knowing will admire that!

  1. a to the men! I actually realized the idea of reaching a goal, just for myself alone, because it was in my heart to do it, because I had been thinking and thinking about it…I even tried reaching the goal before, with a different mindset….doing it for the wrong reasons, but once I chose to do it because it just needed to happen, the stress lessened and the progress excelled. : ) Great post!

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