Ultimate Coffee Date — May 2017 Edition

Even though I am not ready at all for May to be here, I am ready to sit down with you all and catch up over coffee! I’m linking up with Deborah and Coco for the May edition of the  Ultimate Coffee Date Linkup! 

The Ultimate Coffee Date

If we were having coffee…. You would ask me if I had any summer vacation plans. I would tell you that the day after school gets out for the girls, they are going to go with my mother-in-law to Washington to stay for about 10 days. I’m already anxious about it as I’ve never been away from them for that long and from that distance. I deliberately signed up for a conference at work that will keep my mind occupied for the first 4 days they are gone. The part I didn’t tell you yet, is that said conference is in Las Vegas! My husband is coming with me, so it should be a lot of fun (Plus, it’s halfway to Washington)!

If we were having coffee… you would ask me how my running is coming. I’d confess to you that my miles are way down. I’d tell you that I am SO ready for my husband’s foot to heal so he can run again — thus getting us back on a regular schedule. In case you have forgotten, he has a stress fracture in his foot and has been unable to run for many weeks. He is used to running every. Single. Day. So it’s been like a punch in his gut when I go run. So I’ve been running less. I did do some running while away for work. It was a beautiful location!

If we were having coffee… you would tell me that I’ll be back to running soon enough and that I should pick out a race or two. I would tell you that I just read an article in my Runner’s World about crushing a 5K. I’m inspired and think I’ll give that plan a try!

I better finish up my coffee and get back to work (I am helping family clean and organize for an estate sale).

Do you have any awesome summer plans? If you have children, have you ever been without them for 10 full days?

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10 thoughts on “Ultimate Coffee Date — May 2017 Edition

  1. That looks like a beautiful trail! You are a better wife than I am for cutting back on your own running. I’m not sure I’d be that selfless. I’m sure your kids will have a blast with their grandmother — is she from Washington or is it a trip for her too?

  2. Oh the kids will have a great time! and it will be good for all of you! Enjoy Las Vegas, now that was a smart idea 🙂 Hope you and the hubby get back on the run together soon! Happy Sunday!

  3. My sons are adults, so yes to your question. Our oldest and his wife were home this weekend for a wedding and we had breakfast with them and our other son and his girlfriend this morning! 🙂

    That picture of where you ran is lovely. I hope your husband’s foot heals quickly!

    • I’m getting used to the idea of them being gone for ten days. They will have a blast and, you’re right, it will be good for all of us! I hope he lets his foot heal fully. He already tried running on it before he was cleared and the doc really chewed him out, noting that he could be stuck in pain for months versus weeks if he didn’t stay off it.

  4. I remember how uneasy I was the first time my daughter went to stay with the in-laws. I don’t think it was more than a week but still. Vegas will be amazing for the two of you though! We have epic summer plans this year. Dubai followed by a cruise in the Greek Islands. Marathon training will be a challenge in that heat but I cannot wait!

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