Thinking Out Lout Thursday


I love Thinking Out Loud Thursdays! Thanks to Amanda for hosting!

Random Thought #1
The last several days have been cuh-razy! First, we put our house on the market on Saturday afternoon. It was not “show-ready” by any means. There was still the usual clutter, after all it was the weekend. But, by Sunday mid-morning, show ready or not, we had two families lined up to look at it late in the afternoon. We had 3 hours to get it into tip-top condition. We (the entire family) cleaned like mad people. We scrubbed, changed out shower curtains, washed windows and mirrors, cleaned the grout, and organized and de-cluttered closets, dusted, and vacuumed. I’m not going to lie, with 10 minutes to show time, we were stashing random items in boxes, under beds, and other odd places. The house looked fabulous. I hope it looked fabulous to the families that looked at it. It is a great house and I am sorry to move from it.

Random Thought #2
Speaking of relocating, I met with a couple of human resource representatives at a major employer in the community in which we’re moving to. It was an interesting meeting – not about a specific position, just a get-to-know-you type meeting. I’m not sure if anything will come out of it, but I feel like I’ve finally made some forward movement on the job hunt. I have not been motivated to look for a job since we aren’t moving until this summer plus, I love my current position and want to remain in it until the last possible moment (and then maybe a few weeks longer). This week, in particular, the meeting with the HR reps pushed me over the hump and I began a more active search. I reached out to two other companies and feel that I might have some real leads with a couple of key employers in the community. We shall see…

Random Thought #3
My seven year old daughter came in early this morning and snuggled with me. It is one of my favorite things. She came in just 20 minutes before I planned to go for my run. Instead of getting up early to get all my winter running gear on, I stayed snuggled in close to her for a few more minutes, threw on my shorts and just ran on the treadmill.

Random Thought #4
I changed my blog over from to this week. Actually, I started the process about 10 days ago and just finally had time this week to finish up the transfer. I am no technology genius, but I consider myself to be pretty savvy, that is up until I started the process. It was a little frustrating and confusing, but all in all, I think I did okay. I’m sure there will be some pains along the way, but hopefully this will improve my readership and opportunities. Please leave me feedback and advice – I am still a Newbie!

That’s all for now. Thanks for allowing me to ramble on this Thinking Out Loud Thursday!

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