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Thinking-Out-Loud2I’m super excited to join in this week’s Thinking Out Loud Link-up with Amanda at Running With Spoons!  This is where you can just blog random thoughts and they don’t have to have a theme or even be related. Check out the other bloggers in this week’s link-up.

Random Thought #1

I2015/01/img_3153.jpg love to read. I read magazines, books, blogs, articles, newspapers (yes, actual printed newspapers), and other publications. Right now, I’m reading a book by Jodi Picoult called Nineteen Minutes. If you’re familiar with Jody, you might have read/heard of My Sister’s Keeper. If you read that one and are still willing to pick up another book authored by Jody, you have my respect. My first experience with Jodi’s writing was The Pact. It was a super quick read and So. Very. Good. Artfully written. So I jumped at the chance to read My Sister’s Keeper when my mom finished her copy. I cannot even describe my feelings about this book. I actually try not to think about it. I actually threw (physically threw) the book when I finished it. That was several years ago. My sister is an avid reader and has quite a collection of Jodi’s novels that she keeps giving to me. Finally, after 3+ years, I have picked one off my shelf. Nineteen Minutes. So far, it is a gripping tale and I can’t wait to pick it up again any time I have a few minutes to spare. I have a feeling it will end in a way that may make me take another hiatus from my shelf full of Jodi novels. I will keep you posted!

Random Thought #2

We are moving. Have I told you that? My husband recently accepted a position that will significantly advance his career and so, when his contract is over (at the end of June) we will be moving to a new community 2 hours away from my current one. I am super happy for my husband and this amazing accomplishment, but I’m also a little bit devastated (can one be a little bit devastated?). I love love love my job and I really love our house. I have spent a great deal of my professional time helping this community be the best rural community this half of the state and I hate to walk away from that. BUT….I’m also excited at the unknown, the chance to reinvent myself, to see what opportunities await. I have no idea what type of a job I’ll find. I am worried that we just made an offer on a home that could be the money pit (but it would be awesome if we get it!) I am a firm believer that God has a path for us and I trust Him and His path for me. It will all be okay and everything will work out.

Random Thought #3


My January Tone It Up themed Birchbox

I subscribe to Birchbox and to Ipsy and I just ordered one of the FabFitFun (get $5 off with code NEW5) Winter boxes (I got a super good after Christmas deal on it and couldn’t pass it up). I have been contemplating giving one of them up. Here is my dilemma: I love the perks that come with Birchbox. I get points for reviewing my products, I am a ACES member and get free shipping, I can use my points to buy full size products. That being said, I don’t love my samples every month. In fact, well over half the boxes that I’ve received have been a let down. Ipsy on the other hand, I’ve been really impressed with the items I’ve received. I could do without the cute little bag each month because I just end up throwing it away (hint Ispy: I would much rather have an additional sample than the bag). The problem is that Ipsy seems to have been made for teenagers or those early twenty-somethings. Most of the makeup that I receive is in colors that I just can’t pull off. But the value seems better than Birchbox (I received a full size Urban Decay eye shadow from Ipsy – it is my favorite shade and totally worth the $10 monthly fee)!

I’m going to stop at 3 random thoughts today (otherwise, I won’t get this done in time for the link-up!)

What are your thoughts? Read any good books lately? Do you subscribe to a beauty box or a fitness box? I’d love to hear what you think!

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4 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud

  1. Nineteen Minutes is my favorite book by Jodi Picoult, and I’ve read most of her works. I love how she’s able to weave together lightheartedness and serious topics, all while crafting interesting characters.

  2. Good luck with the move. It’s so hard some time to leave things. I remember crying the last time my boyfriend and I moved. But a few months later it was the best thing I’ve done.

    I subscribe to Stitchfix and Urthbox and love them!

    • I am focusing on all the positives! I know it will be hard as the move date gets closer. I have cried several times already (I mentioned how much I love my job). But it will be GREAT! Thanks for the comments!

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