The Busy Mom’s Manicure

I received this product from Brandbacker for review purposes. I was in no other way compensated for this post. All opinions are my own. 

I love to have my nails done just as much as the next gal, but let’s face it, I don’t have time to paint my nails every other day (that’s about how long painted nails last without chipping on this busy mom) and I certainly don’t have the money (or time) to go to the salon for a gel manicure every two weeks.

When I got the opportunity through Brandbacker to sample imPRESS Press-On Manicure products, I said “YES” wholeheartedly.

They sent me two different colors of pre-painted nails. One set is hot pink and the other is medium beige. Both sets came with the option of having a sparkly accent nail. I decided for my first attempt with the nails to try the beige set. They are super easy to put on. The adhesive is already on each nail, so after laying out the correct size for each of my nails, the whole process took about 6 minutes. Plus – no dry time! It never fails that after I paint my nails, I end up smudging the polish because I can’t sit still long enough for it to thoroughly dry!

To apply, you simply peel off the plastic backing, line up the nail with your nail bed, and press on the nail for about 30 seconds. That is literally it — super easy, no mess, quick application and I have a salon quality manicure for less than $8!

I’ve had the nails on for 4 days without losing one nail. That is 4 days of washing dishes (twice per day by hand), 4 showers, 15 miles of running, one football game, one volleyball game, playing with my kids, using the sewing machine and other crafts, and typing on the keyboard. They are still shiny like a gel manicure and chip-free, of course.

I added sparkly to the remainder of my nails rather than keep the accent nail since it would only fit my pinky finger.

The only thing that I would complain about would be the size choices of the nails. I think my fingers are pretty average and I had trouble finding nails to fit them (most were too small). As you can see from the picture below, the thumb nail that I chose was too small, while the only other option was huge and would have extended over onto my skin. There were tons of small nails to choose from, but little middle ground. In fact, I had to use the accent nail on my pinky since it wouldn’t fit on my ring finger or pointer finger. *I ended up adding sparkles to all my nails with a polish that I already owned rather than keep the pinky as an accent.  
When I’m ready to change out my manicure, I only have to gently peel the nails off — no acetone soak process necessary and no damage to my natural nails! These nails come in a variety of colors and options from french manicures to on-trend colors and patterns. You can pick them up at Walgreens and Walmart.






Overall, I would say that the value of this product is very good. For about the cost of a nice nail polish, you can have a salon quality manicure that lasts in only a few minutes!

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