Become THAT Girl in 2018

My goal this year: Be THAT girl. What girl, you undoubtedly ask?

THAT girl that doesn’t see roadblocks, she sees opportunities and adventure
THAT girl that isn’t afraid to say what she wants out of fear that she’ll fall short
THAT girl that lifts others up with encouragement and positivity
THAT girl that is excited about the possibilities that lie in Every. Single. Day.
THAT girl that defies the limits and goes beyond everyone’s expectations, but even more importatntly, goes beyond her own expectations

I’m going to be THAT girl. This is my year. I AM LIMITLESS.


Okay, so I know you’re getting that whole I-am-woman-hear-me-roar vibe, but it’s about so much more than that. It’s about getting out of the box and breaking through the glass ceiling that so often is in place when setting goals. We need to start by setting goals by what ispossible rather than look first at what our current circumstances are. We have got to get out of our own way. This philosophy should be applied to all aspects of our life goals, from getting a PR in that half marathon or finally sticking that Lord of the Dance Pose to getting the career we wanted or negotiating the salary we deserve. Instead, we have these limiting beliefs that allow what we think we can’t do to overshadow what we are truly capable of.

So I, for one, am declaring my word for 2018 to be: BELIEF and I truly BELIEVE that I will become THAT girl.


I AM LIMITLESS. I know no boundaries. I defy limits. I rise above and I go beyond what is possible. I know there is nothing we can’t accomplish, together.

Speaking of together, I’d love to welcome you to join me and fellow Sweat Pink Sisters in the #IAmLimitless Challenge this January – February 2. Simply sign up for the free challenge here and begin sharing with the world that you, too are limitless. The more voices we have spreading this powerful message, the more unstoppable we will become.

Throughout the month, we’ll be working out together (virtually) all over the world thanks to partner Gixo. Gixo is an exercise app that allows users to participate in live classes with a trainer. Classes vary in length from 15 minutes to 40 minutes and are for any skill level. I’ve been using Gixo since October and I am totally hooked! You can find me most weekday mornings around 6am CST working out with Coach Alasdair (who’s in London!)

Want to try Gixo? Here is a link for your first month FREE! You can will thank me later. *This is an affiliate link, so I will thank you later too.

Do you have a word for 2018? Have you ever tried a workout app?

I’d love to hear from you!
Until Next Time,

Five [random] Things Friday

Love this totally random sign …. uh yeah, about the soccer field being on the archery range – yikes!

It’s FRIDAAAAAYYYYYY!! I don’t know about you but for me, this day took its time getting here! To celebrate another week in the books, I’ve put together this Five [random] Things Friday post. Enjoy!

Rest Day – I have to admit that I’m actually having more of a “rest week.” I’ve been running ragged lately with work and family activities that I am just plain exhausted. Sometimes You just have to take care of you. You know that saying, “if you’re cup is empty how can you fill up others’ cups…” or something like that. I decided to refill up my cup this week. The Selfie Light – here I am showing off with my new selfie light that I got from Rodan + Fields with my new eye cream. It is going to be a game-changer or at least a fun-maker 🙂









I Love the Eighties – we recently went to a 50th birthday bash for my sister-in-law. It was an eighties theme and It. Was. Amazing. As you can see from the photo below, my family went all in. My bangs were like blades — even after I slept on them. Oh, and here’s something random: the DJ played all the best of the 80s songs for 4 hours – FOUR! and the one tune that stuck in my head was “Don’t You Forget about Me” ugh!

This New Workout App – Through my affiliation with Sweat Pink Ambassadors, I’ve been able to try out Gixo for the last few weeks and it’s been really fun. It’s an interactive workout app that has LIVE classes with LIVE coaches! Since I work out totally alone 99.9% of the time, I like the tiny bit of competition that you get out of the classes (I like to try and have the most reps or beat my pace goals). You can try it free for a month via this link.

Stiletto Running Ambassador – That’s right, I’m super pumped to be part of the Runway Crew 2018 for Stiletto Running! I’ve ordered a couple of shirts and Can. Not. Wait. for them to arrive! yay! Stiletto Running Ambassador

What’s random in your week? Have you ever taken a “rest week”?

Until Next Time,

Empowering Young Girls Through Running

Girls become women, but empowered girls become women who change the world.

I am passionate about all things that are associated with empowering our young people and, being the mom to two daughters, I’m especially passionate about those programs that are aimed at young girls. Combine that with my passion for running and fitness and you have Girls on the Run, or as those of us immersed in the program call it, GOTR.

Girl Empowerment + Love of Running = GOTR

Girls on the Run is a non-profit organization “dedicated to creating a world where every girl knows and activates her limitless potential and is free to boldly pursue her dreams.” The program uses running and special curriculum that teaches life skills to build confidence and self-worth within the girls as well as team work and a sense of accomplishment. One of the best things about GOTR is that it can be offered in any size of community. Our small community (population 432) even offers it. My girls have both participated and I have been a “Run Buddy” for the past several years, running alongside the girls in the annual end of the season 5K. Here I am below with my daughter during this year’s 5K.

Coaches must undergo certification and often times personally foot the bill for the training and all materials. Local chapters (ours is Girls on the Run Nebraska) do fundraising annually to help offset the cost to the participating communities as well as to provide scholarships to the girls. No girl should be turned away because they can’t afford to pay the participation fee!

Enter in: ShopWithScrip. ShopWithScrip is a fundraising tool that takes all the hassle out of the mix! It’s an earn-while-you-shop style fundraiser. The formula is simple:

  • The retailers sell the certificates at a discount to ShopWithScrip
  • Families and individuals buy the certificates at full face value and redeem them for full face value
  • Your organization gets the difference as revenue

The typical percent earned is 5%. It’s that easy! The only catch is that you might have to pre-plan some of your purchases, however that’s not really a catch because even retail giants such as Walmart and Amazon participate.

Here is an even better explanation:

I’m joining forces with ShopWithScrip to raise funds for Girls on the Run and I’d love your help! If you’re game, follow these simple steps:

  • Go to and click How to Enroll, then click Join Your Scrip
  • Enter your enrollment code for the program you’d like to support. If you’d like to help raise funds for Girls on the Run, please contact me for an access code! 
  • Fill in all required personal information and click ‘I Accept.’
  • Choose two security challenge questions from the list and provide answers.

That’s it! Super easy and super effective! Have you ever tried a program such as this for fundraising? Have you heard about or participated in some fashion with Girls on the Run?

Until Next Time,

***Please note, this post is sponsored by ShopWithScrip. Through my affiliation with the Sweat Pink Ambassador community, I am fundraising for Girls on the Run, a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering young girls through running. All monies fundraised are donated to Girls on the Run at the conclusion of the campaign. Thank you for your readership and interest in forwarding Girls on the Run’s mission of: “inspiring girls to be joyful, healthy and confident using a fun, experienced-based curriculum which creatively integrates running.”

Friday Five

This week’s Friday Five features AfterShokz headphones in an effort to promote #AwareWithPink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month (which, in case you live under a rock, is the month of October).

1. Tunes that inspire! As you know, I mostly listen to audiobooks during my sweat sessions (if you didn’t know, you can read about my obsession here). I also love old-school tunes such as Free Falling, Baby Got Back, and Bitch (I know, not appropriate, but the tempo is great and it’s fun to sing!) I would love to try AfterShokz new PINK headphones for a coupole of reasons: 1) they are PINK! 2) 25% of each purchase goes to Bright Pink – a non profit that focuses on breast and ovarian cancer awareness and education, and 3) They are safer than my current headphones, which pretty much block out my surroundings (PS: I run with only one earbud in so that I can still hear)

2. Give back!? I am hyper aware during October about Breast Cancer, but I need to do a better job throughout the year of educating and supporting #BCA. One of the things that I really like to do is research which companies donate 100% of proceeds from a purchase to an organization for cancer treatment, education, or research. I love that commitment and always try to purchase from that company. A few examples are: This super cute bra from Aerie, or this Key to the Cure Tee by Christian Louboutin, eos body lotion in Berry Blossom.

3. Be a self care advocateIt’s no secret that I am a fitness fanatic. If I can’t get a good workout in each day, I at least try and get a long walk in either by myself or with my kiddos. I lead by example in my household, always reaching for a healthy snack first (popcorn is a whole grain, right?!) Just kidding, my kids know that we expect them to eat fruit and veggies at every meal and we do the same.

4. Inspiring threads!  While these aren’t exactly inspiring, they are still my favorites of the moment: Of course, I love my Sweat Pink tank and lately, due to the morning chill, I also love my Brooks compression capris. They fall just below my knee, so they are perfect transition-wear for fall to winter. I’m also a stickler about my SparklySoul headbands. Seriously, if you have not tried them yet, you are missing out! I am ordering the reflector one in light of my recent running in the dark (find out about my skunk encounters here) and I might or might not own Every. Single. Pink. one they make.

What’s inspiring is all the pink things that are helping spread awareness for #bca…#wearpinkwednesday such as these cool AfterShokz headphones! I’m definitely a fan of the #AwareWithPink movement!

Trekz Titanium Pink wireless earbuds (AfterShokz is donating 25% of each purchase to Bright Pink!)

Trekz Titanium Pink wireless earbuds (AfterShokz is donating 25% of each purchase to Bright Pink!)

5. People who inspire! Nothing inspires me more than my little girls (who aren’t so little anymore — insert sobbing face here). I want to lead by example by leading a healthy lifestyle so that they can have long, happy, healthy lives as well.

My Material Girls … back to the 80s for Homecoming Week #80s

A photo posted by Megan (@pinkess1) on

Do you do anything special to raise awareness during BCA? Or for any other cause?

Until Next Time,

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by AfterShokz in an effort to spread awareness about their new Pink Trekz headphones, in partnership with Bright Pink to support and spread awareness around breast cancer awareness. All opinions and words are my own and the links that are included in the post are NOT affiliate links, but link to the products for your convenience. I truly appreciate all of the brands that support the Sweat Pink community. 

Think Out Loud Thursday

Thinking-Out-Loud2Happy Thursday everyone! I’m stopping by to participate in the Thursdays are For Thinking Out Loud link-up hosted by Amanda!

My favorite part about this link-up is that it can be totally random thoughts and I’ve clearly proven over the last several months that I’m not capable of creating an organized blog post at this time in my life. So….here we go!

1. The Great Taper

I have been training for a Half Marathon since February and This. Is. My. Favorite. Week. I am finally to the taper! Some of you know that a full marathon is NOT on my list of things that I want to do before I die and I think the primary reasons for that is the training. I feel like the half marathon training takes up So. Much. Time. as it is that I cannot imagine training for a full. Don’t get me wrong, I commend all those that take on the commitment and I’m inspired by your will, I just don’t have a desire to do it.

Ahhh, a week of easy mileage!

2. The Half

While we’re on the subject, I have to tell you how nervous I am for the race this Sunday. If you’ve kept up, you know that I suffer from long run anxiety (read my post here) and so I get a queasy feeling in my stomach every time I think about the run. I should also mention that the weather forecast isn’t helping with my anxiety. It is forecast to be raining, windy, and cold at the start. Oh, the joys of running!

This was the day that I was “lucky” enough to run in both the rain and the wind. I guess I should be thankful for helping me be prepared!

My girls look cuter than I do in the rain!

3. This crazy thing we call life

As you can tell from my sporadic postings in the last 6 months or so, my life has gotten a little crazy and I’m still trying to find balance. I had a career opportunity open up in late October that I couldn’t pass up, so I’m back to full time work in economic development plus marketing director. When I get home from work the last thing that I want to do is spend more time at the computer and more time away from my kids and husband to write a blog post. In time, I will get a better handle on my time and utilize scheduling tools more effectively, but for now….I’ll participate in things like Think Out Loud Thursday because it allows me flexibility on topics and organization.

4. Vacation anyone

It seems fitting that I follow up #3 with the topic of vacation! In spite of super crazy schedules, we are trying to schedule in some much needed family vacation time. We are hoping to combine it with a trip to see my mother-in-law, who moved to Washington last year. I’m pretty excited to see Seattle, Portland, maybe even the Redwood Forest!

That wraps up my random thoughts for today! I’d love to hear from you!

What are your recommendations for running a half marathon in the wind and rain?

Do you have any vacation plans this summer?

Until Next Time,


Let MealEnders help you through the holidays! Plus: A GIVEAWAY


**I received MealEnders to sample and review as part of my affiliation with Sweat Pink and FitApproach. All opinions are my own. **

We’ve all been there, stuffed beyond feeling good, way beyond satisfied, uncomfortable or even sick — overeating is a common occurrence year round, but never more evident than around the holidays.

Be sure to stick around for the end of my post to enter the giveaway to win all four flavors of MealEnders, just in time for the new year!

Enter: MealEnders! These delightful little candies (er, excuse me, lozenges) are a safe answer to curbing your appetite and preventing you from overeating. They come in four flavors: Cinnamon, Citrus, Mocha, and Chocolate Mint. *I am a fan of all but the citrus, but that’s just me. The lozenges have two layers, the first is a sweet, dessert-like layer that melts in your mouth and the second is the signaling layer. It makes my mouth tingle a little, but it still tastes good!


Now before you cast this product aside fearing the use of stimulants and other harmful additives, consider this:  according to the MealEnders’ website, MealEnders contain unique duo sensory taste formula made from a stimulant-free blend of flavors and ingredients. They log only 15 calories a piece and contain only 2 grams of sugar.

They simply cue your mind that you have had enough, are satisfied, and keep you from overeating. BONUS: they are sweet and give you the sense that you are getting a treat or dessert. Try them for yourself! Enter to win my giveaway for all four flavors! Can’t wait? Use code FitHolidays20 for 20% off at

These can be used during a meal to signal your mind that you have had enough or they can also be used to curb your appetite between meals (or signal your mind away from wanting that afternoon snack that you really don’t need).

While these won’t make very tactful stocking stuffers, I do plan to have them in a candy dish at the dinner table for those wishing to feel satisfied but not sick after Christmas dinner.

The giveaway runs to December 22 — Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Find Your Balance With pHenOH 7.4

Balance as defined by a quick Google search: a condition in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions

I like this definition because it works for intangible and hard to measure items like work, life, family, etc. But I think Ellen DeGeneres defines it best: “My point is, life is about balance. The good and the bad. The highs and the lows. The pina and the colada.”

Balance is something that I think everyone strives for. Whether it be work-life balance, a balanced diet, or a balanced budget, we all want it! I’ve been told that there is no such thing as a balanced life, but I’m not sure I buy that philosophy. If you’re happy, if your family is happy, and your boss is happy — I’d say you’re onto something!

However, rather than draft a blog post to help you master the balanced life,I’m instead going to introduce you to a balanced pH — how you get it and why you would want it.
phenohThe balance of acidity to alkalinity in our bodies is called pH which stands for potential of hydrogen. Now, I’m not sure you recall from your junior high school science class, but neutral pH is 7.0 (on a scale of 0-14, where the lower the number, the higher the acidic levels and the higher the number indicates high alkalinity). Our bodies are acidic, no doubt about it. To further compound the problem, many foods in today’s diets add more acid to the body. Even exercise adds acid to the body. High acidity can cause multiple health issues, including major diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular disease! There are many natural things you can do to maintain a balanced pH. One is drinking plenty of water (water has a pH of 7 – completely neutral). Another is to limit processed foods. Depending on whether your body is too acidic or too high in alkaline, there are foods you can eat to help add balance. There is also Alkaline Water and now, the first all natural, healthy Alkaline Sports Drink, pHenOH 7.4.

pHenOH 7.4 is the first sports drink that is targeted at balancing your body’s pH levels. With only 7 natural ingredients, it is not full of sugars, corn syrups, or other hard to pronounce ingredients. It only has 30 calories per 8 oz. serving. It’s refreshing and goes well, not only after an intense workout, but also as a go-to beverage during the day. My husband has been drinking it after his interval days and I drink it after my daily runs whether or not they are super hard and intense. Then I take the remainder of my bottle to work with me to finish later in the day.


It’s not overly sweet, as it is sweetened with natural agave, but it does have a smooth taste to it. Plus, their promotional brochure is super cute!

I like the pictures they used in their brochure!

What helps you find balance – in life, work, or body? Have you tried pHenOH 7.4 or any of the alkaline waters on the market?

Find Your Balance With pHenOH 7.4


This post was sponsored by PHenOH through my affiliation with Fit Approach as a Sweat Pink Ambassador. As always, all opinions are my own.

Friday Favorites

Life In Leggings


Rather than a 5 Things Friday post, I’m calling it Friday Favorites. Mostly because I don’t have 5 things and second, because I want to join the Friday Favorites Link-up hosted by Life In Leggings.

Knock Knock Journals – the inner truth series
Seriously, I don’t think I have to explain why I love these journals. They are so fun and unexpected. Who wouldn’t love journaling with one of these babies?! Here are two of my favorites.

I’m pretty sure I’ve expressed my obsession with popcorn on this blog, but if not I. Love. Popcorn. We have a Family Movie Night weekly tradition and it always involves popcorn. I took my littles to the movies last weekend just because I was craving movie theater popcorn. Safe to say, “my name is Megan and I’m a popcorn-aholic”…

popcornAgusta Active Duffel Bag
I won this bag from a #SweatPink Challenge earlier this year. I love it! It is the perfect size for a gym bag (I have it crammed full of stuff now because I insist on using it as an overnight bag as well). It has a separated compartment for shoes or sweaty gym clothes and it’s just so fun! PS: it also comes in pink!Okay, I know this is short and sweet, but it’s what I’m loving right at THIS moment! Have a good weekend! What were your favorites from the week?

Until Next Time!

Linking Up With #TheFitDish

The Fit Dish with Jill Conyers and Jessica Joy

Hi everyone! Today I’m linking up with Jill Conyers and Jessica Joy on The Fit Dish! Today’s optional topic is to share my favorite healthy recipe. While this is not necessarily my favorite (I just tried it for the first time yesterday), it is a healthy snack, they are pretty delicious, and definitely worth sharing! 

A little background…..We put on a 5K/10K race Saturday and had a lot of bananas left afterwards so I googled “healthy banana recipes” and found one for 3 ingredient banana cookies. Yep, I said THREE ingredients! I adapted the recipe from The Burlap Bag via Pinterest

  1. Bananas (I used 3 smaller size ones)
  2. Quick Oats – 1 cup (more or less if your dough is sticky)
  3. Chocolate chips (I used dark chocolate)

**confession: I added about a teaspoon of brown sugar and a handful of raisins because that’s just how I roll

That’s it, my friends (unless you want to add extras like raisins, cinnamon, nuts, maybe peanut butter…)

Then you just bake at 350 degrees for about 15 minutes.  Delish!

My husband said they are good, but that you can’t really call them cookies. 

Simply dump the oats on top of the bananas and mush!

They don’t look pretty, but they are delish!


I need to work on my food photography skills, but you get the gist that these “cookies” are super easy to make!

Have you made these before? What are some of your favorite banana recipes?

Until Next Time,

5 Things Friday – In Snapshots

This has been a crazy week. I attribute it to the wild weather pattern that we experienced. We had below 20 degrees with 5-6 inches of snow and a snow day for the kids followed by a 50+ degree day and today it’s nearly 70 degrees. CRAZY!

I’m glad it’s a 5 Things Friday day and even more fun that I’m doing it in snapshots. See below my post for the Link-Ups that I’m participating in today and join in on the fun!


Wrapping up the #NoExcuses #SweatPink Challenge. It was a fun week of yoga, push-ups, high knees, and planks.

Philosophy Renewed Hope in a Jar

Running outside always takes its toll on my skin, whether it be protecting it from the sun or the wind and cold – a good moisturizer is always essential. This Renewed Hope in a Jar is a great choice. It is time released moisture and feels luxurious! Plus, the theme is kind of my motto: Live with optimism renew with hope..

Aeropostale, VSX, SparklySoul, FlipBelt

Fun workout clothes. As you all know, I LOVE pink (borderline obsessive). This top and pants are from Aeropostale (who knew they had such cute workout clothes?!). The Bra is from Victoria’s Secret Sport, FlipBelt, and Sparkly Soul headbands.

Nothing like a warm day to convince me to add a little color into my drab winter wardrobe!

Nothing like a warm day to convince me to add a little color into my drab winter wardrobe!


“Spring breathes new life into the world around us” – Unknown


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