Are You Holding Yourself Back?

I’ve never been the superstitious type, but I swear, today I had at least three signs that pointed to the same thing: Push past fear, get out of my comfort zone, and Get. It. Done.

Let me rewind to two weeks ago. Two weeks ago, I had a phone conversation with a friend of mine that is an independent consultant for Rodan + Fields. She along with her sponsor talked to me about an opportunity that I just didn’t think I could pass up. So…I said yes and now I’m a consultant for this amazing skincare company. The next morning I was thinking, “what did I do? I can’t do this!” I am so not a sales person!

I participated in webinars, read every single piece of information about the company and the products. I scheduled my “launch party” and asked my sponsor a million questions. Now, with the date of my launch party quickly approaching, I’m having anxiety and second thoughts.

Fast forward to today when everywhere I looked, there seemed to be signs telling me that I’m on the right path.

Sign #1: During my commute, my audio book malfunctioned, so I plugged in my iPhone and launched a podcast. I’ve been listening to Cassey Ho’s Sheroic series. This morning’s episode featured Sydney Olson (a free runner and stunt woman). One of the messages she left us with was, “find what you want and then go for it. There are going to be failures along the way. It is those failures that make the victory that much sweeter.” (something to that effect anyway, I was driving!)

Sign #2: After creating a graphic for my company’s FB page using Canva, a quote popped up just like they always do while waiting for the download. But the quote seemed to be tailored to me:

And finally, sign #3: While researching for a project at work about workforce trends/employee recruitment, I watched a Facebook Live from JT O’Donnell where her message was: Are you holding it in? What are you afraid of that is keeping you from success? She looked into my eyes (and the eyes of 800 others that were tuned in) and said: “don’t let fear hold you back from going after what you want.”

So, fear and all, I’m jumping into this business of selling GREAT skincare with both feet. I’m not quitting my day job or my fitness and wellness focus, but I’m going to do this and I’m going to do it well. I could use all the support I can get (in the form of encouragement and lifting me up, not purchasing products, though if you have any questions or want to try them, I’m your gal!)

Stay tuned!

Until Next Time,

The Taper, The Race, and The Aftermath


We’ve all been there, following a training plan for a big race — 8 weeks, 10 weeks, sometimes 16 weeks or more to a half or full marathon. Then the big day nears and we slip into taper mode. The lower miles come easy and the race goes as planned (or better/worse, but it’s over).

Now what? The aftermath — the let down. While some runners, like my husband for instance, go on with business as usual, running daily like brushing his teeth. Others go right into training mode for their next race. I, on the other hand, tend to slip into a low motivation cycle where I don’t want to run… at all. It’s especially hard this time of year. My kids are home in the mornings with no school, my husband (also in education) is able to sleep in a bit, it’s hot and humid and the desire Just. Isn’t. There.  While I’m giving excuses, I’ll add that I now have a 25 minute commute to and from work so it’s harder to get up earlier and it’s too hot/late (and I’m starving) when I get home.

We went on vacation last week and I took an entire 7 days off from doing any form of exercise (outside of some short hiking with my family). It felt awful. Then, yesterday morning came and I had good intentions, but didn’t look at my watch until 6:17, which is too late to get a run in and still get to work with dry hair. Again, the awful feeling came back. This morning, I looked at my watch at 6:13 and decided to try and get out the door by 6:20 and just do what I could do in 25 minutes. I already feel like a new me (or rather. that my regular me is back). Perhaps tomorrow morning it will be 6:05 and before I know it, I’ll be back to regular 4-5 mile mornings. Wish me luck….


Do you have moments like these, where you lack motivation to run? How do you keep running day after day? Or do you mix it up instead? I’d love to hear about it!

Until Next Time,

Thinking Out Loud Thursday


Good Morning! I’m glad today is a Thinking Out Loud day because I’m not sure I can formulate a post that flows smoothly on just one theme or topic! Thanks for hosting this link-up Amanda!

I’m having a moment this February where I have nearly fallen off the wagon with my running. It is a conglomeration of things: the weather is terrible, I have been a little sick, I’ve been a lot tired, super busy, and just not that motivated. I know – #NoExcuses, right?! I’ll get back to it. In fact, I have my bag packed for a quick run over my lunch hour. I love running over lunch. It sends me  back to work re-energized (and sometimes a little red faced). The worst part is the mad rush after the workout – the shower, re-dressing, re-applying make-up, etc. But it will be totally worth it.

We are working to get our house ready to sell since we are moving this summer. It seems like every waking moment we are either painting, or cleaning, or organizing, or packing…it’s exhausting! We replaced the basement carpet yesterday and it looks so nice. I hope that when house-hunters look at it they love it as much as I do. We have a great house and I will be sad to move away from it.

Speaking of house hunting, we are going to look at a house this Saturday. I already know we are going to LOVE it! It is a 19th Century Queen Ann style home on a small acreage with a pond – it’s like it was taken directly from my dreams! It has been in one family for 100 years. I am sure it will be a project house, but can you imagine the character?


Here I am a few years ago with bangs

Along the lines of change – I’ve been thinking of getting bangs. I have had them before and I know that every time I have them I tell my hair stylist to talk me out of it the next time…but, it’s a way to change my look without having to sacrifice my length. I’ve been growing my hair out for awhile and I really like the length, but I am itching for a change….

That’s it for my Thinking Out Loud. What random things are you thinking about today?

Until Next Time,