Summer Fun Workouts

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Working out in the summer has its ups and downs. For instance, I love that the sun is up earlier so I can get my morning run in during daylight. However, I don’t like that if I don’t get said run in during the wee morning hours that it’s 100 degrees by the time I get off work.

I also love that most of the outdoor activities that we do in the summer sneakily are mini workouts as well!

This weekend, I finally got to try Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP). You guys, if you have not tried it, it is So. Much. Fun. I didn’t even fall off (which surprises certain people that know me!). It is also a great core and arm workout — without you even knowing it!

My debut on the Paddleboard

My blister AKA Badge-of-Fun from my recent paddleboarding and kayaking experiences

I should warn you, if you do too much paddleboarding all at once, you might end up with blisters like I did! I also paddled around the lake in a kayak (also my first time). That was a lot of fun as well and I’ve added both a kayak and a paddleboard to my list of WANTS.

We spend a lot of time at the lake in the summer… jumping off the dock, swimming, playing “keep-away” with the beach ball, etc. all of which equate to a pretty good (non-sweat-filled) workout.

We like to rate eachother’s jumps off the dock — I think this one got me a 9.2



Two weeks ago, my daughters, husband, and I headed to the river and played what we like to call “sand-bar, no-rules soccer.” That is a lot of work! The sand feels hard on the top and just when you think you have your footing to take off at a sprint, you don’t and you just spin out and look silly. Sorry, I don’t have any pictures or videos of that!

What fun summer activities do you do that turn into mini-workouts? Have you tried SUP?

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April Ultimate Coffee Date

Happy April Fool’s Day! Today I’m linking up with Deborah and Coco for another Ultimate Coffee Date Linkup!

If we were having coffee…I’d tell you that I’ve been struggling to run lately. I mentioned earlier this week that my husband (who has been running Every. Single. Day. for more than 20 years) has a stress fracture and is unable to run. I know what you’re thinking, he’s the one injured, you can still run. Yeah, it sounds easier than it is. Every time I go run, I can tell it’s like putting salt in his wounds. It’s really hard! He had a conference out of town last week and I ran every day that he was gone, but then fell off again once he returned. I even took my girls along for my cool down mile. I think maybe I’ll take this opportunity to change it up a bit and do some dance cardio or barre-type workout. I know that won’t make him jealous! 

If we were having coffee…I’d tell you that my “coffee” this morning is actually in the form of a protein drink. I recently had the opportunity to try a product from Drink Click that is coffee + protein and it is DELICIOUS! If I heat it up, it is just like a latte, but packed with 24 grams of protein! I read an article recently about weight loss/weight maintenance that suggested beginning your day with a breakfast of 30 grams of protein, so I decided to give it a try. I have to tell you that I love it! I honestly do not get hungry before lunch and all I have is the protein drink (mixed with 12 oz of milk).  If you are interested, check it out here (this is an affiliate link). Stay on the lookout for a giveaway too!

It’s even frothy like a latte!

If we were having coffee… I’d tell complain to you about our recent tax experience. Not only did we get hit hard with a high balance due (tax guy says to blame it on some of the inheritance stuff from my Father-In-Law’s death last year), but we also got a letter this week from the IRS regarding additional monies owed for 2015 taxes. Way to punch me in the stomach while I was already down. I hate taxes. Okay, venting session over.

If we were having coffee...I’d tell you that I can’t wait for nice weather (consistently nice weather, anyway). I can’t wait until summer activities — going to the river, swimming in the sandpit, camping, maybe a real vacation of some sort… Oh, I can’t wait!

If we were having coffee…I’d tell you that I better sign off, I have a lot to get done today on this rare, free Saturday afternoon. I’d tell you that I promise to meet you here next month and that I’ll have so much to tell you!

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Three Running Wishes for Tuesdays on the Run


I wish I may, I wish I might, have this wish I wish tonight….

Oh what would I wish for if given three running wishes?!

  1. For it to be easy: I know, I know. There is nothing wrong with having to work hard and I know that running isn’t supposed to be easy. However, here is my reasoning: if it were easy, I would be less likely to dread my run, I would probably do more running, faster running, and be a better overall runner. (Yes, that was just one wish)
  2. To be feared fast: My husband is an elite runner and people at races always know his name and his records, etc. Just once, I’d like people to say that about me, “oh, Megan’s here, I don’t have a shot at winning now.” (this one might end up on the Runfessions post; it’s a little embarrassing!)
  3. To be a running coach: I wish I was a running coach and could do it as my career. I love helping people achieve their fitness goals. I’ve looked into certifications, but just haven’t put the time and money into moving that forward. Maybe writing it down for the world to see will help…

What would you wish for if you had three running wishes?

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October Coffee Date Link-up

coffee date linkup

Thank you to CocoDeborah and Lynda for hosting this monthly link-up!

Good morning friends! It has been awhile since I have sat down for a cup of coffee with you all and I have missed it!

If we were having coffee…I would tell you that I am getting a little anxious to run a half marathon next week. I’d tell you that my husband and I decided on a whim about 4 weeks ago to go ahead and sign up and that I’m just not sure 4 weeks was enough for me to train.You would ask me how my long runs have been and I’d say that my pace has been a little slower than I’d like, but I managed to get a 12 miler in last week without incident and in under 9 minutes per mile on average. I’d be afraid to tell you that my goal is to run 8:30 pace or better and finish around 1:50. Stay tuned!


If we were having coffee….You would ask me about my employment situation. I’d cringe a little as I told you that I have not yet secured a full time job. But then I’d tell you that I have a BIG interview coming up next week and that I am pretty nervous, but very excited. In the meantime, I’ve done some freelance writing work for a website called Fashion Week and it has been kind of fun. A lot of work for not much pay, but fun nonetheless.

If we were having coffee… I would tell you that I’m not ready for cold weather. I’d also complain about the dark mornings because I do not like to run in the dark. I have been lucky these past couple of months to be able to hold off on my run until after I get the kids on the bus in the morning. This allows me to run in the daylight, which I am grateful for. I did break out my fall/winter running tote this morning just to look over my gear from last season. It was kind of fun since I got a couple of new items last year.

Brrrr! It’s getting chillier and darker in the mornings!

If we were having coffee…. I would ask you what is new with you? I’d ask you if you have any new gear for the colder weather? I’d ask you for tips for running in the dark. Do you have a headlamp?

Thanks for joining me this morning.

Until Next Time,

What Makes A Woman Inspiring?

The Fit Dish Linkup

I’m linking up today with Jill Conyers and Jessica Joy for the weekly #FitDish Linkup. The optional topic today is, “What makes a woman inspiring”?

To me, a woman (or any person, really) is inspiring when they do what they do for the sole sake of getting it done and not for the sake of glory, credit, or pats on the back. When doing the right thing is the only thing and it comes naturally.

I am inspired by strong women who have the respect of others that you can see when she walks into a room. That kind of respect is so clearly earned that one would have to be inspired by it. When she speaks her mind, people actually listen and take stock in her opinions — that is inspiring.

I’m also inspired by the woman who is able to do it all — the daily workout, the healthy eating for the entire family, the regular blogging, the full time job, being a good parent, has polite kids,…. does that person exist? Because if so, I truly admire her!

What inspires you? Any inspirational women in your life?

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Just Thinking Out Loud

Here I was thinking that I needed a blog post. What should I write about? What is inspiring me at this very moment…? Then I realized that it is Thursday and we all know that Thursdays are for Thinking Out Loud! So in the name of random thoughts, I’m linking up with Amanda at!

Random Thought 1: Did I ever mention that I made my 100 mile goal in March? Well, I did but it wasn’t pretty. I slacked off in the beginning and middle of the month and had to run quite a few miles in the final 10 days of the month to make it happen. Because of that, I was burned out and have already taken way too many days off in April and have been sporadic at best. But I got back to it on Sunday with a nice 6 mile run and have managed to get in a pretty good run daily since then. I even did intervals this week and I HATE intervals! On the bright side, it’s so nice that the sun is up earlier and there is nothing more beautiful than running towards a colorful sunrise!

Random Thought 2: Our relocation is getting closer and I’m starting to panic! I like to plan… and to have things scheduled… and to be prepared. This buying and selling of homes is so up-in-the-air! Contingencies upon contingencies, my goodness! Lining up closing dates so no one has to be homeless for a week, and don’t even get me started about packing! I just can’t wait for it to be over.

Random Thought 3: I start my 21 Day Reset with Laura Peifer next week and I am a little apprehensive about it. The first week means no sugar – no sugar substitutes, etc. I know I am always saying how I need to quit the sugar, but now that it’s looming… I just hope I can stick to the plan. It’s only 7 days and then I can have a little sugar (I think anyway). The reason why I never try detox or reset or any other crazy elimination plan is because I don’t want to give my kids the wrong impression about food. The good part about Laura’s 21 Day Reset is that the meals still look fairly normal. She provided a recipe book as a guide and I can find things in it that I don’t even think anyone around my house will even notice! I’ll update you off and on during the next 3 weeks about my progress.

My daughter’s favorite color of the moment is lime green

Random Thought 4: My 11 year old daughter is participating in a Girls on The Run Chapter at her school this year. They run their practice 5K next week – yikes! I hope she doesn’t hate running afterwards! It sounds like in practice they never track distance, so I’m wondering if any of the girls can actually run a 5K…But, as my husband says, I’m not the coach, so just trust it! I signed up to be her “buddy” at the real 5K coming up in May. I’m pretty excited about it and hope she is too. I think I’ll get us some matching wild socks (I’ve been wanting a pair of compression socks…) and probably complementing Sparkly Soul headbands!

There you have it! Four completely random Thinking Out Loud thoughts from me on this great Thursday.

What crazy things have you been thinking? Have you ever tried a Reset? Any advice on moving?

Until Next Time,


Thursdays Are For Thinking Out Loud

Thinking-Out-Loud2Have I mentioned how much I love the Thinking Out Loud linkup hosted by Amanda at! Some days, randomness is the only way it’s going to get done!

So, without further adieu….

1. The Job Search
As you all know, I am moving soon (it seemed to be so far into the future, but now it is looming closer and closer!). I have not gone on a major job search, but I have been keeping tabs on LinkedIn and other employment sites for opportunities. I also have reached out to a few key people in the community to which we’re moving to. Last week, I had my first interview in over 10 years. It was a little nerve-racking going in, but when it was over, I felt GREAT!  The interview was 2.5 hours of conversation, sharing experiences, and information gathering in a low stress format. I felt like I totally got the job…. With that being said, it has now been over a week and I have not heard one word from the company. (Sigh)

2. The Headhunters
Speaking of job searches, have you ever had someone reach out to you to try and recruit you? Has it ever been for a position/company that you just didn’t want to work for? I am having a little of that going on as well. On one hand, it feels really nice to be wanted and recognized for my skill set. But on the other hand, it is kind of a dicey situation. I don’t want to make anyone angry as they are community leaders in the town that we are moving to, but by the same token, I just don’t think I’m interested in the type of position they have. I have been working for 2 days to draft a response email that I think will finally go out today. I have delayed sending it in hopes that I would get a job offer from the other company…

3. Running
I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned that I set a goal to run 100 miles in March. I ran 100 in January and then kind of fell off in February, running only about 65. Today, I am at 87 miles with 5 days left, so I know I’ll make it. I have really had to push it this last 2 weeks because of too many days off earlier in the month. I desperately want a rest day, but I just can’t handle being this close and not making it! I think this happened in January as well, which might explain my February lack of mileage. Eventually, I will find a happy medium! I signed up with Run This Year to run 1,000 miles in 2015. I think I’m on track to do so. That is if I don’t burnout first.

4. Chocolate

Cadbury Mini EggsWhy is it that they only break out the Cadbury Mini Eggs at Easter?  If you haven’t tried them, they are seriously the best chocolate ever! Deliciously melting in your mouth – the rich chocolate and the hard candy shell. I love M & Ms, but they don’t hold a candle to these babies. I am absolutely addicted. I guess it’s good that they only sell them at Easter!

5. Recent Purchases
I’ve recently purchased a couple of items that I cannot wait to arrive! Both are from online boutiques that feature gently used designer items. One is from ThredUp and is a Kate Spade Wristlet and the other is from The Fashion Project and is a J Crew structured handbag. I guess I should mention that I’m also obsessed with purses, bags, totes, clutches, etc.

Anyway, that’s all the rambling that I have in me today. Have a great day! Oh, and feel free to tell me about your job hunting experiences, candy addictions, and recent purchases!

Until Next Time,


Who Would You Want To Train With

The Fit Dish Link-Up


I’m a little late to the Tuesday Link-up, but I figure better late than never, right?! This week’s [optional] theme for the Fit Dish Link-up (hosted by Jill Conyers, & Jessica Joy @ is on which people you would most like to workout with and/or be trained by. Here are my top three.

Anna Renderer (who I know best from her partnership with PopSugar Fitness)

Anna has such great enthusiasm, she inspires me to not only try new workouts, but also to really give it my all. Plus, she typically has the cutest workout clothes! She would be fun to workout with and try something new!





Jillian Michaels (everyone’s favorite drill sergeant-like trainer)

I have Jillian Michaelsnearly the entire collection of Jillian Michaels workout DVDs. *My favorite is the Yoga Meltdown Her tough-girl approach turns a lot of people off, but I rather like the intensity – she makes me want to finish strong. While I can’t say that I think she would be fun to work out with, I would like to have a training session with her.




Amanda Russell (the former elite runner turned model and Youtube sensation)

If you haAmanda Russell - Fit Strong and Sexyven’t ever heard of Amanda Russell, you should google her. Her story is inspiring. She was an elite runner with her eyes on the Olympics, when she suffered a career ending injury. Rather than fall into a dark place, she found other ways to workout and now inspires hundreds of thousands with her online videos, meal plans, and social media. I like her workouts because they are super quick and effective plus allow for a lot of variation. She is very personable through her social media and responds to facebook posts and tweets. She would be fun to work out with or be trained by!

Who would you like to be trained by or workout with?

Until Next Time,

Ultimate Coffee Date Link-Up

coffee date linkup

I can’t believe it’s already time for another Coffee Date! I have much to update you on. Thanks to Coco for hosting this awesome link up! Let’s get to it!

If we were having coffee….you would ask me how the moving plans are going. I’d tell you that we decided to list our house for sale by owner (because we weren’t in a hurry) and it sold in 8 days (barring any unforeseen loan or inspection issues on the part of the buyer).

If we were having coffee…you would want to know if I’m freaking out yet. I’d be honest with you and tell you that I am freaking out just a little bit. All this time, June 1 has seemed so far away. I hadn’t been looking too hard for a job, we thought it would take a month or two to sell our house… But yeah, it’s getting real now and a little too quickly! We are scheduled to close on our current house May 1 and the house we’re buying May 29. Notice a discrepancy?!

If we were having coffee…you’d tell me to take a deep breath and relax. Things happen for a reason and it will all work out. I would sigh, nod, and realize that there are much worse things to stress about.

If we were having coffee…you’d lighten the conversation up by asking about my running. I’d tell you that after a rather unmotivated February, I am ready to ramp up my miles again. I have once again set a 100 mile goal for the month. So far, I am right on track. I’d like to get ahead, but with the coming few days, that is unlikely so I will settle for on track for now.

If we were having coffee…I’d tell you thank you so much for the coffee date, it was good to vent a little and I feel much better about things. I’d promise to meet you again on the first Saturday of April, which is right around the corner…

Thanks for stopping by!