Favorite Workout Wear

Oh, I have so many favorites when it comes to the clothes and gear that I wear to work out! I promise to reign it in and only post a few pictures! By the way, I’m linking up today with Jessica Joy and Jill Conyers, who host The Fit Dish Link-Up every Tuesday! Today’s optional topic is to show “flat photos” of your favorite clothing and gear!

Let’s start with what I am loving now (meaning, what do I run in when it is sweltering hot and super humid?). Disclaimer: I should also mention that I’m somewhat of a chicken in terms of running with vehicle traffic and I recently moved away from my beloved running trail (that was just outside my front door) I now have to run on the highway until I can get to a lesser traveled gravel road (lesser traveled, but still traveled). That being said, I like to dress in super bright clothing to make sure I’m VISIBLE! These shorts are my favorite! They are North Face and are super lightweight. I typically pair them with either this plain white Under Armour sleeveless shirt or my #SweatPink burnout tank, my Garmin Forerunner 220 (of course – see my previous post!), a Sparkly Soul headband, a FlipBelt and my Brooks or Asics running shoes.


When the weather starts to get that chill in the morning and I can no longer wear shorts, I turn to my Brooks Equilibrium Capri pants. These pants come just below my knee (I’m 5’6″) and don’t fall down or ride up. I. Love. Them. Outside of that first crisp breath you take on a fall morning, they are my favorite part of autumn running.

Last year was my first winter where I truly embraced the weather and continued to run through (almost) anything that mother nature threw at me. I got a pair of Saucony Nomad (wind resistant) running pants as a Christmas gift from my husband, I have a windbreaker pullover in a bright orange, this Brooks stocking hat, and a neck gator when it was really cold. I’m still in the market for a good pair of gloves or mittens if you have any suggestions!

For those in-between days when it’s cold, but not frigid, I like running tights. I have a great pair of G-Fast from Gap and then the pair shown below from Aeropostale, the hot pink pullover is also from Aeropostale, a VSX sport bra, FlipBelt and multiple Sparkly Soul headbands.


I would also be remiss if I didn’t include my favorite Aspen Yoga Mat that reminds me to stay balanced (figuratively and literally).8c54c-img_07765b15d

As I said, I could go on and on with this post because it couples my two favorite things: fitness and fashion, but I will stop. I’d love to hear about some of your favorites!

Until Next Time,

Friday Favorites – What’s in My Gym Bag

Welcome Friday! My weeks feel like they are in rapid-fire mode. I go to work on Monday morning and I look up and it’s Friday. While some would say this is a good thing – it is stressing me out BIG time. There is SO much to do and get done – ahhh!

So, rather than think about that for any longer, I’m going to do a stress free post about my favorite gym bag and what I always put in it for a trip to the gym.

Of course, I always include running shorts, sports bra, socks, running shoes — you know, the basics. But I also have a few other can’t-workout-without-it items.

My gym has free towel service, but I like to bring along my own. Mostly because it has this inspiring quote on it, “Put your heart into it” to push me through a tough interval workout. This towel is by Words to Sweat By.

My must-have accessories include my FlipBelt (I have this in pink too!), a Sparkly Soul headband — of which I have multiple colors because they are The. Best. Headbands. Ever. and are truly non slip and super fashionable. And finally, my old-school Classic iPod.I put audio books on this device and listen as I run. You would be amazed at how many extra miles I’ve put in just to find out “whodunit”.

If I am heading to the gym over my lunch break, I try and squeeze in a shower. Right now I’m trying to use the scents of summer — aka the beach mixed with sun lotion — so I’m loving this Beach Babe Texturizing Hair Bundle that includes shampoo, conditioner, and a sea salt spray that I use to try and mask that I-just-came-from-the-gym-and-am-going-back-to-work look.

And finally, my favorite part — THE BAG! I am a fan of bags, clutches, purses, totes, you get the idea. This is the Augusta Active bag that I won through the SweatPink #NoExcuses Challenge. You can see my winning video submission here. It is nylon, cute, compact but roomy, has a separate compartment for sweaty clothes or shoes, and is just plain fun!

So, what’s in your gym bag? Any essentials that you just can’t leave home without? Any favorite bags that you want to show me?

Until Next Time,

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The Holiday Fit List: A Gift Guide for the Fitness Enthusiast

There are a ton of gift guides out there right now from gifts for those that love gardening and cooking to those that love wine or Jack Daniels memorabilia.  Here are my top recommendations of gifts for fitness gurus. Several of these items are things that I already own and some are things I’d love to have! Let me know your gift ideas in the comments below!

❄️ The FlipBeltFlipBelt
This, patent pending fitness belt is perfect for those that like to listen to music when they workout, take their phone on the run or hike, need a place for cash or ID at a race,… You get the picture, it holds essentials while you workout! The FlipBelt fits snug around your waist and has pockets for various items, and it doesn’t bounce, chafe, or ride up. You put your items in the pockets then flip the belt over (so pocket slits face your belly) and you’re ready to run or hike or lift or walk or cycle or even wear it while vacationing and touring. It fits under your clothes or on top of them depending on your preference. It is also made out of a moisture wicking material and has a reflective logo. It comes in a ton of fun bright colors (see below) and at just $28.99 and free shipping, this fitness belt is a great buy. Oh, and did I mention All-Belts-Layed-Outthat I have a discount code for you? Get 10% off with code Sweat10. Pssst, if you put your email in the comments below, I can get you 33% off! *(limited quantities available)

* FlipBelt, in partnership with FitApproach and the Sweat Pink Ambassador program, provided me with a FlipBelt free of charge for review purposes, however all opinions are my own. I am under no obligation to return the FlipBelt and am free to keep it for my personal use. 

❄️ SparIMG_2212.JPGkly Soul Headbands
I cut my bangs a few years ago and anyone who has bangs and works out know how vital a good headband is. The most irritating aspect of most headbands is that they slide back and fall off. Enter: Sparkly Soul. These headbands Stay. Put. Period. Plus they come in tons of colors and they are 360 degrees of sparkle. You do have to wear them as directed (close to your forehead), but they honestly do not move. I’ve run half marathons in them and not had to adjust a single time. These headbands are on the pricey side at $17 for the wider bands, they are totally worth it. Plus, right now with code HOLIDAY you save 15% and get free shipping if you spend $25!

garmin❄️ Garmin Forerunner 220
The 220 is the perfect watch for a runner that wants to know how far they’ve gone, how fast they are going, and what their overall pace was. It has extra features too, such as you can program workouts using the Garmin Connect software and app. There are free workouts in Garmin Connect that you can send to your watch. It also keeps track of your records and buzzes you when you’ve hit a milestone (fastest or longest). If you have a heart rate monitor with ANT you can also track heart rate.  I personally love mine and can’t imagine how I ran without it before!

❄️ Live The ProceIMG_2208.JPGss Gym Clutch
For the fashionably fit, this pouch is the perfect gift. It is large enough to stash your gym clothes in, but chic enough to use as a clutch as well. The material is a water proof vinyl and is lined with a Japanese Cotton for breathability.  I got mine from Birchbox, but it is also available here.


runner necklace❄️ Jewelry
I know, your’re thinking, “how does jewelry fit into this fitness gift guide?” Think about themed jewelry such as this I Am A Runner necklace on Etsy for only $19. It is simple, yet elegant and offers a positive reminder that you are a runner.



And what gift guide would be complete with out ideas for Stocking Stuffers?!

Under Armour hair ties❄️  Under Armour Hair Ties
I love these hair ties and at $10, they make a great stocking stuffer. While I don’t have the Under Armour ones, I do have several other brands of them and they are exclusively what I use on my hair. They are gentle on my hair and they don’t cause creasing like other hair ties. An added bonus is that they also look cute on your wrist!

❄️ iTIMG_2213.JPGunes Gift Card
This is a great gift for anyone on your list (I’m putting them in my kids’ stockings this year and maybe in my husband’s as well)! Not only can you use it to buy more songs for your workout playlist, but you can also use it to purchase apps for such things as interval timer, step counter, or nutrition calculator.



❄️ SweatIMG_2214.JPG Pink Shoelaces
And finally, since I am a Sweat Pink Ambassador and a major fan of the color PINK, I love the idea of everyone getting a set of these fun shoelaces in their stocking. You can get them for only $2.99 and, trust me, they look great in all running shoes!