I’m the first to admit, I love snacks. There is just something about the word “snack” that makes my eyes light up and my saliva glands get all worked up! Now, though I have yet to try it, I discovered Fit Snack via Erica Finds. Fit Snack is a subscription service that provides a healthy way for people who are on the go, to have guilt-free snacks on-hand. You get a monthly box packed with snacks, free music downloads, and free workouts. Check them out at

You can order a single month, 3 month, 6 month, or annual subscription. The price is a bit higher than the subscription boxes that I am used to, but it looks like you get A LOT of items packed in each box (see the image below), so it is likely worth the nearly $25 per month (that price includes shipping).

You all know how much I like subscription boxes (stay tuned for my Bulu Box review coming soon)! Right now, via Erica Finds, you can enter to win a FitSnack box.

If you’re not into ordering a snack box to help you maintain healthy eating throughout each day, here are my recommendations for go-to, waist healthy snacks:


  • Apples and Almond Butter (or regular ol’ peanut butter, if you prefer)
  • Sliced banana on whole wheat/grain bread with peanut butter
  •  Jiff Bars (can you tell that I. Love. Peanut Butter?
  • Kind Bars
  • Protein shake or a smoothie
  • I’m also a HUGE fan of PopChips, but I don’t actually classify them as a healthy snack.

What is your favorite snack? Don’t forget to head over to Erica Finds blog and enter her giveaway!

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    • Thanks! I was needing inspiration for a post and ran across your giveaway – so thanks for the inspiration! On another note: you have some GREAT giveaways! I like your recent post about how you tend to buy things because they are a great deal rather than based on need. I am EXACTLY the same way!

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