I love to try new things! From new foods, new products, gear, technology, classes, training methods…anything that helps me to learn, grow, and improve as a fitness nut, a runner, a mother, a fashionista, or a beauty fanatic.
That being said, I am also honest to the core. I am constantly working on “sugar-coating”, but will continue to be honest about what I think of a product. If I love it — you will know. If I don’t — you will know that as well and you will know why. I realize that just because something is not for me does not mean that others wouldn’t enjoy it, so I like to provide as much feedback as possible. If it is something that I just can’t recommend, I will let you know that as well.
As the company offering me samples or compensation, I will let you know if it is not a product that I can recommend. If you have an event or product that you would like me to review please contact me contact me.