Product Review: Hyperbiotics ProDental

Hyperbiotics Pro-DentalThere is a lot of buzz about probiotics and how beneficial they are to your health. While I’m not a skeptic (I’m sure they are helpful to the digestive system) I am also not a trend hopper. I didn’t run out and stock up just because of all the recent news. However, when I recently had the opportunity to sample Hyperbiotics ProDental tablets that are formulated for oral health, I jumped at the chance. In general, probiotics are considered “good” bacteria. The primary health benefits are that they help to lower the amount of “bad” bacteria in your gut and the claim is that they help fight off infection. There has also been research that shows how probiotics have helped with other ailments not related to the gut, such as eczema. Pro-Dental targets issues related to the mouth such as bad breath, sensitive teeth, allergies, etc.

I have been using the chewable tablets for a week and have not noticed a major difference, however I do suffer from tooth sensitivity so I plan to continue to use the tablets in hopes that they will help with that. The tablets are chewable, but I recommend just allowing them to dissolve rather than chew them. I don’t care for the taste of them when I chew them. That being said, they do take a while to dissolve, so I take mine in the morning after brushing my teeth and let it dissolve on my way to work. You can take 2-3 tablets each day. The website claims that results can happen as soon as 7 days with consistent use. I might up my dose to see if I have better results. I will keep you posted!

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 I received these products complimentary through Brandbacker from InstaNatural for testing and review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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