Practice What You Preach

There have been a couple of mornings recently that have been pretty cold for this fair weather runner, logging temps in the low 20s with a slight 10 mile per hour breeze (a 10 mph breeze in the winter = windy in my book). I chickened out and ran indoors and I am already getting bored with the treadmill. This might be a LONG winter!

One morning, as I lay in bed thinking about hunkering down and returning to my dreams, I had a nagging sensation, “don’t be a hypocrite, you just posted about what motivates you to get up in the morning.”  Not only did I write a blog post about it, but I also talked to my sister on the phone last weekend and talked about how I have been getting better at braving the cold and have been running more miles to keep my base miles up for eventual half marathon training.

For fear of being a hypocrite, along with facing the skipped workout remorse, I got up and went out in the 20 degree, windy weather and ran my 4 miles. This is accountability. Practice what you preach. How can I expect to inspire others to get out and get moving, if I don’t practice the same philosophy? In addition, I. Felt. Amazing. I ran on the snow covered trail. In the dark. I did it. I’m doing it – running in the winter! There is no replacement for this feeling of accomplishment. (Yes, I am aware that winter doesn’t officially start until December 21, but give me a little credit, this is Nebraska and winter sometimes starts in October!) Maybe now I can look at investing in some new winter workout wear. I’ve been eyeing some fleece-lined running pants….

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