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The Fit Dish with Jill Conyers and Jessica Joy

Hi everyone! Today I’m linking up with Jill Conyers and Jessica Joy on The Fit Dish! Today’s optional topic is to share my favorite healthy recipe. While this is not necessarily my favorite (I just tried it for the first time yesterday), it is a healthy snack, they are pretty delicious, and definitely worth sharing! 

A little background…..We put on a 5K/10K race Saturday and had a lot of bananas left afterwards so I googled “healthy banana recipes” and found one for 3 ingredient banana cookies. Yep, I said THREE ingredients! I adapted the recipe from The Burlap Bag via Pinterest

  1. Bananas (I used 3 smaller size ones)
  2. Quick Oats – 1 cup (more or less if your dough is sticky)
  3. Chocolate chips (I used dark chocolate)

**confession: I added about a teaspoon of brown sugar and a handful of raisins because that’s just how I roll

That’s it, my friends (unless you want to add extras like raisins, cinnamon, nuts, maybe peanut butter…)

Then you just bake at 350 degrees for about 15 minutes.  Delish!

My husband said they are good, but that you can’t really call them cookies. 

Simply dump the oats on top of the bananas and mush!

They don’t look pretty, but they are delish!


I need to work on my food photography skills, but you get the gist that these “cookies” are super easy to make!

Have you made these before? What are some of your favorite banana recipes?

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16 thoughts on “Linking Up With #TheFitDish

  1. I have made these cookies before and they ROCK! They taste delicious and are still healthy-ish 🙂 Your recipe is spot-on to what I usually make – plus I add a tablespoon or two of crunchy peanut butter. So quick to make and they satisfy any sweet cravings I have (plus the toddler loves them!). Thanks for sharing on the Fit Dish!

  2. Okay, 3 ingredients?!? Love that. I will so make these if they are only 3 ingredients. I tried these energy ball things that were minimal in ingredients too and they were yum. It doesn’t take a lot to make a tasty, healthy treat. Thanks for sharing!

  3. These looks great! And, so funny about your hubby not calling them, cookies. LOL. That’s like my hubby. I have to put disclaimers on my recipes that say Chad-approved, or not quite Chad approved. He doesn’t have quite such a healthy palate as I do. : ) Excited to try these. I need to branch out with the bananas.

  4. I’ve made these before, but with dried cranberries, and I guess they’re not really like the traditional cookie, but they’re delicious! You can make em’ in the microwave too! 😀

    • They were pretty good. I can’t wait to try them again with some of the add-ins that people have suggested in the comments! Thanks for commenting!

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