July One — It’s Go Time

I’m still learning how to take a running selfie!

So not only did I wake up with intention today, but I had one of the most productive days that I’ve had in a while! Lying in bed last night, rather than feeling accomplished as stated in my previous post, I felt invigorated! I was planning out the following day from my daily run to this blog post to what house work I would get completed (or at least started). I woke up earlier than I have since leaving behind my 8-5 daily routine and I was rearing to get going!

Here are the highlights:
I got in a great 4 mile run for #1MillionMinutes plus 10 minutes of stretching with my two daughters for #JourneyToSplits. I also made pancakes with homemade blueberry syrup to celebrate (or maybe grieve) my husband’s official first day at the new job. Then, without delay, I began painting the kitchen. I did not get completely finished with it, but enough to pleasantly surprise my husband (which was my goal)! We topped off the day by doing festive manicures for the Fourth of July.

This is our “before” photo for the 30 day #JourneyToSplits

Sometimes all you need is a new perspective. At the end of last week, I was feeling lost and sorry for myself (to find out why, see my post here). By changing my perspective and living each day with purpose, I feel a great weight off my shoulders. I had an extraordinary and productive day in which I was able to tackle some major home renovation projects and I also got to spend priceless hours with my daughters. I know it’s early yet, but July is going to be a great month!

Bring it on July — It’s Go Time!

Until Next Time,

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