I Can and I Will

visionHave you ever heard that saying, “It’s easier to go somewhere you’ve been before”? This is one reason why visualization is so important in so many aspects of daily life. Visualize yourself killing it in that work presentation that you’ve been working on. Imagine how you feel after acing an interview. Visualize yourself crossing the finish line of that 5K with a new PR. Side note: focus on visualizing a positive outcome. If you visualize yourself tripping on your way to the lectern for your speech, you are likely to blunder your big moment. So, not only is it important to practice visualization, but it is vital to visualize success, what you want the outcome to be, not your fears or your doubts.

The mind is a powerful thing. If you think it, you can achieve it. That being said, it can also put up barriers and keep you from greatness. When I let my mind get the best of me, I talked myself out of asking for a raise with my promotion, I discouraged myself from pursuing law school. I let self doubt over power me. I didn’t visualize succeeding. I created excuses as to why I wouldn’t get a raise or wsucceedhy I should wait on law school.

Both of these instances happened long ago and I am learning to overcome barriers by using visualization. I want to teach my children about how important the mind is and how powerful positive thinking is, visualizing success works!

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12 thoughts on “I Can and I Will

    • I also like to visualize how good I’ll feel when I’m done too! It is better to visualize the pride (or relief) of having done it rather than the regret for not getting out!

  1. So true! Visualization and positive thinking make such a huge difference when I’m trying to accomplish something. I’m still working on completely stomping out the negative self-talk/self-doubt!

  2. Wow, I needed to hear this. I am new to visualization, but your explanation made such sense. It’s easier to go somewhere we’ve been before. That’s the answer. Visualize everything you want, see yourself doing it, and you’ve been there. Such a great way to prepare and to live. Thanks, Meg! #fitfamlove

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