Health Your Way – eBook Review

A while back, I received the eBook Health? Your Way! by Dr. Anat Feldman from Tomoson to review. I downloaded the eBook onto my iPad and set to work – learning about the “Gymind” way of whole-body/mind wellness. Gy..what? Yeah, I’ll get to that later… Read on!

First of all a disclaimer: I am not a big fan of eBooks. I really like the old school, real pages, books that I can highlight and take notes in and that I can see on my bookshelf later on. I know–I’m not even that old PLUS, I’m a total techy, but I like what I like — and that is real books. Second of all, this eBook takes a little bit to get into, it’s not so much a fun read, but an enlightening one that I do recommend if you are looking for advice on health and well being.

Now, on to the review!

The book is a great read for those on a journey to wellness, knowing that it is about more than just working up a sweat every day. Dr. Feldman not only focuses on exercise, but also on nutrition, body image and healthy, calm mind. It is the combination of Fitness Nutrition and Mind that make up what Dr. Feldman refers to as “Gymind” (gymnastics of the mind) — “a methodology of doing and being.” The author proceeds to divide up the book into three sessions, appropriately: Fitness, Nutrition, Mind.

The author is a health consultant and personal trainer. My favorite part of the book is that it is peppered with real life client stories. I think we can all find ourselves in at least one of the examples that she uses.

I keep referring to this as a book, but I think more appropriately, it should be referred to as a guide. Throughout the guide, Dr. Feldman includes tips from her own expertise or those from reliable sources, such as the Cancer Prevention Study (set a reminder on your computer to remind you to move every hour).

The book guides us to obtaining better health in our own individualized way. I recommend the read.

A final disclaimer: I did receive this eBook at no cost in exchange for my review. I received no other compensation and all opinions are my own.

What do you think of eBooks? Have you read this particular eBook?

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