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I don’t know about you, but I love to get a mid-day quick workout in. The benefits are amazing! It is a great stress reliever, gets my body moving after sitting most of the morning, gives me an incredible energy boost to get me through the afternoon, plus I get that natural glow as I head back to work after my “lunch break”.

Now, by glow – I don’t mean red cheeked, splotchy, and sweaty – I mean a refreshed looking, no-need-for-blush-or-bronzer, glow. Here are my Friday Fast Five on returning to work after a quick lunch time workout.

  • Makeup remover towelettes. By removing the majority of your makeup before working out, it prevents raccoon eyes and ruined workout towels or t-shirts. I use one from the Yes To line: Carrots, Cucumbers, Blueberries, etc
  • If your quick workout includes cardio, try for short bursts of cardio and keep your workout to around 20 minutes. This will keep you from working up so much of a sweat that you can’t go back to work without a full, head-to-toe shower.
  • Cleansing towelettes, such as Paper Shower Towlettes or Ahava Dead Sea Essentials Body Towelettes  These babies are SUPER handy when you’re in a hurry and have no time to shower.
  • If you must shower, either skip washing your hair or only wash it at the roots, which can be tricky. Afterwards, blast it with a hair dryer *I stand under the hand dryer at my gym for a hands-free blowout 🙂 Use a little dry shampoo and poof, you’re hair is done!
  • I like to use Yes To Cucumbers face wipes post workout as a refresher. Then, reapply foundation and a quick coat of mascara. Like I said earlier, there is no need for blush or bronzer as your post workout flush will provide the natural color you need!

What are some of your favorite mid-day workouts? Do you have any tips for returning to your workday without looking like a sweaty mess?

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    • I started doing lunch hour workouts when I was training for a Tough Mudder. I did my running in the morning and lifted weights plus stair stepper in the afternoon. It worked really well most days. Some days, though I had to take a full shower and wash my hair in order to avoid being gross at work!

      Thanks for commenting!

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