Friday Five

This is a rather random Friday Five list, but hey, I’m going for it!

For those that suffer from dark circles….

I promise, I’m not getting any kickbacks for plugging this product! This Cover Fx color corrector is AWESOME! I struggle with dark circles under my eyes (Let’s not get into the multitude of reasons why). I’ve tried many products and my previous favorite, which deserves some time in the spotlight as well was Benefit Fake Up. But this—Cover Fx stick in peach, absolutely erases my dark circles. Plus, it’s not cakey and doesn’t settle into fine lines. <3 it! Again, no kickbacks or affiliate links, but just so it’s easy for you to find, here is where I bought mine.

For those coffee + protein lovers…

Full disclosure: I received this Click coffee + protein powder for free in exchange for my honest review and HERE is my affiliate link. Okay, formalities aside, this is The. Best. Protein. Ever. It is just absolutely scrumptious! And it packs a whopping 25 grams of protein. No joke, I have a shake in the morning and do not get hungry until 11:55am. It’s like a dream!

For those obsessed with pace/distance…

Yeah, so this happened to me recently. I’m usually not totally obsessed with my watch during my run, but I do really like to know when it’s all over, how far I went and how fast, so this was pretty disappointing. Especially since I was really going for it and ran nearly record¬†pace (for a training run) for the first few miles. I guess I’ll have to do it again so I can track it!

For those that <3 anything sparkly…

I love happy (sparkly) mail days! I got home today to find this super sparkly headband (that includes a crown) from Sparkly Soul, Inc. What a great company to be an ambassador for! I’m going to let my daughter wear it tomorrow in the Girls on the Run 5K. I’ll be sporting my Dreamcatcher headband.

For those of you in the midwest dealing with un-spring-like weather…

Yeah, so remember in the previous picture how I mentioned the Girls On the Run 5K that is tomorrow? Looks like fun for 300+ young girls trying to develop a love of running (and for their moms or whoever they are running with). Brisk 43 degrees with 20 mph winds and rain/snow. I love running… I love running…. I love running… I love running….

Happy weekend everyone!
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21 thoughts on “Friday Five

  1. Loving that headband!

    I’m not too obsessed with my watch, but like you, I like to know when it’s over and how much longer I have to run, so a low battery would have made me sad!

    • I just like to know the numbers behind my run — pace per mile and total distance. Most of the time I only check it during a run to make sure it’s working!

  2. Ugh, I hope the weather wasn’t as bad as all that! I went on an epic bike ride today and forgot to start my Garmin. Luckily my friend shared her data with me on Garmin Connect.

  3. I hope the run was not too cold and rainy! it seems in my area, cold and windy weather is mean to happen on Girls On The Run race days! last one, it was super windy and cold, but all the girls still showed up and had a lot of fun… in the wind and all.

    I love that headband! I’m considering splurging and getting one!

    • The girls had fun in spite of the weather (and I did too!). If you’re considering the SparklySoul headband, they are offering free shipping site wide through May 2!

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