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SparklyRunnerGirl.comI’m linking up this week with Cynthia,  Mar and Courtney’s  Friday Link-up and this week’s theme is 5 things about me. We have all done “about me” pages, but it isn’t too often that we just tell our readers fun things about ourselves to let you get to know us better. I love this theme! Well…let’s get to it!

1. I love PINK. You know how you aren’t supposed to choose a book by it’s cover? Well, how about its color? My eye is always drawn to the pink one – no matter what “one” we’re talking about. My childhood nickname (plus almost all of my social media handles) is Pinkess. Pink – It just makes me happy – completes me. Okay, enough cheesiness, but I seriously do love pink!

2. I didn’t always love to run. In fact, I was a sprinter in high school and considered 400 meters long distance. I remember saying (out loud), “if the farthest I run is a 200, why does coach make me run a mile in practice?” Yeah…. if I could know then, what I know now, I might have been amazing rather than just a consistent 2nd-3rd place sprinter.

3. I like to sew, craft, create…you name it! I just got a “new” craft room and I absolutely love it! I wish I would have done it 10 years ago rather than just 6 months before we move, but at least we can enjoy it for a few months. The best part about this new room, is that it’s not a usable space for much else and no one sees it. The kids can make a mess and if they spill, they spill. I don’t freak out and crafting is so much more relaxed now. There is not permanent carpet, just some scraps we laid down and we painted the walls a fun color. It’s awesome!

4. I am a beauty product junkie. I subscribe to two different monthly beauty boxes (see my post here for more on that), I also just ordered the FitFabFun VIP box (got a great deal), I buy hair product Every. Single. Time. I’m in the salon, and I actually open the daily emails that I get from Sephora. I just love the products – looking at them, testing them, buying them…. But I don’t love the mess under my sink and the makeup bag that is so full I can’t find what I need. This is my year to get organized in this department and to start purging my cabinets of unused samples and products.

5. I love (and eat daily) dessert. This surprises many people because I also love health and fitness. Bigger surprise? You CAN do both! I do not believe in deprivation and I also work hard nearly every day in order to indulge without the guilt. That being said, I do need to watch my sugar intake and I have really been meaning to try one of the sugar challenges – but I. Must. Have. Dessert. So…. if you have any recipes that I could try that would make me think I was having something decadent without all the sugar – I am willing to listen!

There. A few quick things that you may not have known about me before this post. I hope you enjoyed reading it! What about you? What are some quirky things about you that not everyone knows? Are you surprised about any of my 5 things?

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6 thoughts on “Five Things Friday – About Me

  1. Yay for the new Craft room (and desserts)!! I just finished a new sewing/craft room too! Its in the far corner of my attic, so I can usually even find a little bit of quiet! 😉
    Have a great weekend!

  2. I love you have a craft room. Fun! My Mother used to tell me to eat a little something sweet every day. That way you wouldn’t go crazy after days and days of deprivation. Good advice. I like pink too. Thankfully, there are lots of running clothes in that color.

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