Five Things Friday

Ahhh, it has been awhile since I have written a 5 things post. I have quite a list going, but I’ll cap it at 5 and maybe be proactive about next week’s 5 things post!

Since school is starting in less than one week (insert sigh here), I decided to post 5 of my favorite memories that we made this summer. For those of you keeping up, we recently relocated, which meant leaving my previous job. So, since June 1, I have been able to stay at home with my kids and we have had the best. summer. ever. ¬†Below are some photos that only capture a glimpse of the fun that we’ve had!

We took our kids to an eighties “hair band” concert during the local fair. It was awesome! The bass guitarist even handed them his guitar during one of the songs!

Relaxing by the river while my kids play, swim, and build sand castles. It is pure bliss!

Spending time at the lake and finally using our boat! The girls could ride on that tube for hours!

Getting in some quality and “healthy” family time this summer! Including my youngest daughter’s first 1 Mile Kid’s Race!

Enjoying the “country” life at our new house

I have to say that I’m ready for the humidity to go down a bit and for the mornings to be a little cooler, but I am sad to see summer go. It has been the best summer that I’ve ever had. I have never has the chance to stay at home with my girls and I would not trade it for anything!

What are some of your highlights from this summer? Can you believe that summer is already nearing the end?! Happy Friday all!

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