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Yay, it’s Friday!! You don’t hear that often from someone that is not working a typical M-F job (Note that I did not say unemployed), but there is still something exciting about a Friday. It just feels different. Of course, that could be because this Friday is the day before a holiday and we actually have plans for the weekend that include watching our nephew play baseball and then getting to hang out with extended family for a couple of days, large fireworks displays, backyard BBQ, and relaxation (hopefully)! So Happy Friday and happy Fourth of July!

Here are a few of the things I’m crushing on at the moment…..

ViewSport Sweat Activated tank top. I received this tank and shorts complimentary for review purposes. The cool thing about these tanks is that they have a hidden message that is displayed only after a sweaty workout (a really tough workout, I might add). Mine says Do It and then with sweat it is supposed to say Don’t Quit. As you can see below, I didn’t sweat enough to activate it (though this was an interval day, and I feel like I could not have sweated any more!). The back says work hard over and over and, as you can see below, I did manage to get that to show up. The shirts come with a variety of sayings and they are always running a sale. In fact, this weekend they are running a 4th of July sale offering 40% off the sale items! Use code 40BOOM at checkout.


SkimmLife is a daily news brief. The claim: “we read, so you don’t have to, all you have to do is skim”. The great thing about this newsletter is that the writers have such a quick and witty sense of humor and writing style. I love to read it. It has a variety of news articles from US to World to sports to entertainment. Very fun to read. Sign up here.

Six Pack Fitness lunch bag. Mine is the Innovator Mini in PINK of course! My good friend Kiersten got me this lunch bag as a moving away gift (cue the sobs) and I. Love. it.

First of all, you all know how much I love bags of any kind.  I also always take my lunch with me wherever I go so this was the perfect gift for me. It has perfect portion control containers and ice packs (they are pink too!)

My new logo!

I have been wanting a logo for my site and also to use to make a media kit, which on my list for next week’s goals. I posted the question to my fellow SweatPink Ambassadors as well as to Fitfluential Ambassadors for recommendations of affordable and quick logo creaters. Over 70% recommended Fiverr. So I signed up and selected a designer. The designer was so accommodating as she developed over 15 different designs trying to incorpoate all the items and changes that I requested. In the end, she did not give me anything usable, but she did give me inspiration. So I took to photoshop and the internet (for Photoshop Help)

blog logo idea








Fourth of July

2 thoughts on “Five Things Friday

  1. Ooh I love that lunch bag! So cute (in pink, of course!) and what a genius way to make packing lunches more fun.

    I had a viewsport shirt a few years back and never was able to get it to show the words except right after I took it out of the washing machine – ha. I’ll be looking forward to seeing you make that “Don’t Quit” show up!

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