Firday Favorites – Let’s Talk Movies

I’m changing it up this Friday and instead of doing the usual Friday Favorites about fitness, health, and/or beauty, I’m going to talk movies! My theme:  movies that you should watch with your kids – depending on their age (please see my disclaimers below about inappropriate content). Now, I’m not talking new movies, but not really classics either (I can’t bring myself to use the word classic on movies that I watched as a kid). These are movies that I watched growing up and that I’d now like to watch with my kids.

Goonies – 1985

If you haven’t seen Goonies, you’ve got to watch it. It contains the whole gamut of things: diversity, financial hardship, unlikely friendships, young love, and of course, bad guys and good triumphing over evil. We love this movie so much that one Christmas, we purchased it for all of our nieces and nephews  – it’s just that good! 

The Adventures In Babysitting – 1987

*Disclaimer – if you haven’t seen this one in a while, keep in mind the babysitter does drop one F-bomb during the subway scene. Again, this movie is excitment and adventure, first love, teenagers feeling lost, overcoming challenges, and again unlikely friendships. 

Stand By Me – 1986

*Disclaimer – this one has some inappropriate language and maybe some content that would not be suitable for kids under 13. That being said, it is definitely a coming of age story-line that combines adventure, unlikely friendships, home life struggles, overcoming fears, death, and more. This one really is considered a classic in my book and sometime in the years ahead, I plan to watch it with my girls.

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure – 1989

This one is really just for fun, though there is some learning going on from the historical references that are made throughout the movie. I had such a crush on Keanu Reeves!


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