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I have been telling everyone that this will be my year to run outdoors throughout the winter. Well, our first week of real winter-like weather and I’m failing already! In my defense, it is unnaturally cold, not a typical temperature for this time of year and there was no adjustment period. Just last Sunday, it was 68 degrees and I got a good quality 6 mile run in. The next day, it was windy and sleeting when I awoke for my run (I crawled back into my bed). Tuesday, it was about 7 degrees with a below zero windchill. It was the same on Wednesday and even colder on Thursday. I did all my running this week indoors on a treadmill. Now, rather than scrap my intentions to run outside this winter, I am going to regroup, read up on winter gear and try again when the temperatures stabilize in the high teens and 20s.

In preparation for my goal of running outside through the winter I took to Twitter, asking some of the running experts for recommendations for cold weather gear. Here is a brief recap of what I received:

@RunnerBliss suggests the inner most layer to be a tech fabric to wick away moisture, a waterproof/windproof outer layer with zips and vents to regulate temperature, a front-zip fleece vest or thin down vest is a good mid-layer, tech wick socks or wool socks, a front zip jacket that comes up to your chin, sunglasses or goggles if it’s sleeting. Some brands recommended included The North Face and LL Bean

@ColRunner said the key is a good pair of gloves

@runnersworld has this great tool called “What To Wear”? It helps you choose what to wear in a variety of weather conditions that you input

@RunEatRepeat has a blog post that shares her favorites for cold weather running gear

@LittlemsChrissy Here is another blog post. She does a great job of listing a variety of items plus shows images of her wearing many of the items, which I like

So far, I have a few items such as a neck and face gaiter, gloves and mittens, ear band and a stocking hat/beanie. I also have some GapFit running tights that I’ve had for a few years. They are not fleece lined, but I think on super cold days I will wear them as a base layer under a pair of fleece pants. I also have Merino Smart Wool socks that cover my ankles. I LOVE these socks!

I will keep you posted about my cold weather running (once I start). If you have recommendations of great products that keep you warm while running in the winter, please leave me a comment or Tweet it to me!

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