Cleanse Confession

I totally fell off the wagon with my cleanse. I ate popcorn and Fig Newtons at the high school football game. The good news is that popcorn is a whole grain, right? The bad news is that I ate most of the bag by myself. And Fig Newtons aren’t a cookie they are “fruit and cake” (anyone else say that with an English accent?)  and I got the whole wheat Newtons. The bad news is that I ate 9 or 10 of them. My tummy is a little upset with me right now and I’m a little disappointed in myself too. I’d promise to do better tomorrow but it has been my planned cheat day, so I can’t promise, however I will make clean eating choices as often as possible tomorrow. My Advocare Advisor said as long as I hold to 80/20 it was still worth it. 

We shall see….
Until Next Time,

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