Think Out Loud? Yes, Please!

Think Out Loud LinkupGet ready for the randomness!

  • Last week I linked up with the TOL group, but had a glitch in my post. So hopefully this week will go better.
  • I like nice things and top brands, who doesn’t?! But I also am extremely frugal prudent economical when it comes to spending my hard earned dollars. I’m not afraid to admit I LOVE consignment shops — brick and mortar consignment is my preference, but I can online shop with the best of them. Some of my greatest purchases have been from small town consignment shops. I have a pair of Stuart Weitzman heels that I paid less than $20 for and a mint condition Kate Spade tote that I bought for under $100. These products are 100% genuine and purchased in tiny towns that the shop owner just didn’t know what they had. I almost felt guilty for paying so little! I also should confess that I have a notion to go to garage sales. I once purchased a pair of suede TOMS wedges (never been worn!) for $2!

Do the right shoes make your workday better? They do mine! @stuart_weitzman #loveshoes

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  • I really want to get my CPT through NASM. I’ve never even said this phrase out loud, so this is a big step for me. I’m hesitant because of a) the cost (see #2 above about being cheap) and b) what do I want to do once I have it? I think that I’d continue to do what I’m doing (working full time in a career outside of fitness) but that I’d work to build an online platform that has some credibility behind it. Anyway, step one is to say it out loud and now I have!SparklyRunnerGirl
  • I’m giving up on training for the half marathon that I was planning on running on May 7. First, I had Plantar Fasciitis and took 2 weeks off. Then, I struggled to get my mileage back up. Finally, I registered for this race because my husband registered as well. He now has a stress fracture and can’t run. I know it will be like putting salt in a wound if I run it and he has to watch from the sidelines. I feel a little like a quitter, but I’m going to bow out now and train for something that my heart is in.

That’s about all the randomness that I have for today. If you’ve gotten to this far, thanks for sticking with me! I’m linking up with Amanda at Running With Spoons, so head over there and comment away!

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Everything is Better in Pink & A Giveaway!

Good Day Friends!

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned my obsession love of the color pink in previous posts, but if you follow me on any social media platform, my username is Pinkess1, so that should be the first clue. Since I was a little girl (when I first got the nickname Pinkess) and now into my thirties, I have never wavered on my favorite color. As silly as it sounds, pink just makes me happy. I have pink sticky notes on my desk at work — even pink staples in my work stapler (which a surprising amount of people actually notice!). My finger nails are one shade of pink as I type this post and my toe nails are a different shade. Pink is my neutral, my base, my starting point. Sure, I like other colors and I don’t have to wear pink every. single. day.

Okay, so I’m not actually doing a blog post solely on my love of the color pink. It is just the intro to a giveaway that I’m participating in.

I am excited to announce that I’m participating in my first ever Instagram Loop Giveaway — Yay, me! I’ve partnered up with Fit and Flirty Closet plus 11 others that love PINK as much as I do for an awesome gift pack valued at $150! To enter the Pretty In Pink giveaway, simply check out this Instagram post to get started.

Pretty In Pink

The prize pack includes some super cute fashion and fitness accessories all in PINK! The following boutiques participated:

Fit and Flirty Closet

Wild Boho Dreams

Pink Cupcake Girl

Stiletto Running

The Foxy Llamas

In addition, there are several bloggers and Instagrammers participating as well. Check them all out by entering the loop giveaway!

What is your favorite item in the prize pack? Have you ever hosted or participated in a loop giveaway? Do you love pink as much as I do?!

Until Next Time,

Think Out Loud Thursday

Thinking-Out-Loud2Happy Thursday everyone! I’m stopping by to participate in the Thursdays are For Thinking Out Loud link-up hosted by Amanda!

My favorite part about this link-up is that it can be totally random thoughts and I’ve clearly proven over the last several months that I’m not capable of creating an organized blog post at this time in my life. So….here we go!

1. The Great Taper

I have been training for a Half Marathon since February and This. Is. My. Favorite. Week. I am finally to the taper! Some of you know that a full marathon is NOT on my list of things that I want to do before I die and I think the primary reasons for that is the training. I feel like the half marathon training takes up So. Much. Time. as it is that I cannot imagine training for a full. Don’t get me wrong, I commend all those that take on the commitment and I’m inspired by your will, I just don’t have a desire to do it.

Ahhh, a week of easy mileage!

2. The Half

While we’re on the subject, I have to tell you how nervous I am for the race this Sunday. If you’ve kept up, you know that I suffer from long run anxiety (read my post here) and so I get a queasy feeling in my stomach every time I think about the run. I should also mention that the weather forecast isn’t helping with my anxiety. It is forecast to be raining, windy, and cold at the start. Oh, the joys of running!

This was the day that I was “lucky” enough to run in both the rain and the wind. I guess I should be thankful for helping me be prepared!

My girls look cuter than I do in the rain!

3. This crazy thing we call life

As you can tell from my sporadic postings in the last 6 months or so, my life has gotten a little crazy and I’m still trying to find balance. I had a career opportunity open up in late October that I couldn’t pass up, so I’m back to full time work in economic development plus marketing director. When I get home from work the last thing that I want to do is spend more time at the computer and more time away from my kids and husband to write a blog post. In time, I will get a better handle on my time and utilize scheduling tools more effectively, but for now….I’ll participate in things like Think Out Loud Thursday because it allows me flexibility on topics and organization.

4. Vacation anyone

It seems fitting that I follow up #3 with the topic of vacation! In spite of super crazy schedules, we are trying to schedule in some much needed family vacation time. We are hoping to combine it with a trip to see my mother-in-law, who moved to Washington last year. I’m pretty excited to see Seattle, Portland, maybe even the Redwood Forest!

That wraps up my random thoughts for today! I’d love to hear from you!

What are your recommendations for running a half marathon in the wind and rain?

Do you have any vacation plans this summer?

Until Next Time,


August Ultimate Coffee Date

Oh how I’ve missed our coffee dates the past few months! The first Saturday of the month tends to sneak up on me! Thank you to Coco, Deborah and Lynda for hosting this fun Link-Up!

Let’s get started!

If we were having coffee… We would be on my new porch enjoying the coolness of the morning. You would, no doubt, ask me if we are getting settled into our new house. You’d ask about any renovations and moving highlights. I’d tell you that we are getting settled. I love my new 102 year old Queen Anne-style house and there are renovations, but they are actually kind of fun because the house is so cool!

If we were having coffee….the moving question would bring up the job topic and you would ask me if I had found a job yet. I’d tell you that I was lucky to be able to work with my previous employer through the end of July and that I have officially become “unemployed” only a couple of days ago. I cried when I received my “termination benefits” (what a terrible title for things like insurance close-out, final paychecks, etc). I loved my job and was very sad to leave it, but I was blessed to work from home these past two months. I have had the best. summer. ever. I have not ever been able to stay at home with my kids and this situation allowed me to do just that and we are having a great and priceless time together this summer. It is also a great opportunity for my husband and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

If we were having coffee…You would ask me what my dream career is or what I can see myself doing and I would tell you that I’m agonizing over finding a job that is a good fit for me now. I’ve been contacted by several Insurance companies about coming on board, but I don’t know the first thing about selling insurance and am not sure it’s my calling. I’ve met with a few key people at one of the major employers in the area and think that my skills would be put to work there, but have not had an actual interview for an actual job yet. I know that any day now, my husband will begin freaking out that I don’t have a job and I just want to have some good prospects lined up before that happens. My biggest fear is that I’ll end up taking the first thing that comes along just to get a job and then I’ll hate it. But, enough whining from me! I am a big believer that things happen for a reason and that the right thing will come.

If we were having coffee….you would ask me how my running is going? I’d tell you that I have found a gravel road not too far from the house that I like to run on. I am a creature of habit and I’ll likely run on this same road every day…at least until it is dark in the mornings and then I may have to figure something else out. I’m a bit of a chicken, you see, and I don’t want to be hit by a car. Most people that are driving in this rural area on these gravel roads are not expecting nor looking out for runners on the road. We will see what winter brings and I’ll fill you in over coffee late this fall.

I better sign off now, but I will see you next month and can’t wait to fill you in on all the latest!

Until Next Time,


Live Intentionally

This quote covers it all — Live each day with intention; have a purpose when you get up each morning; feel accomplished when you lay down at night.

Lately, I’ve been feeling a little lost and I believe that it is because I am going about daily by the seat of my pants and without any intention. As you know, we recently relocated to a new community. I gave up a career that I wholeheartedly enjoyed. The first few weeks after the move we were still super busy getting boxes unpacked and finding a place for everything, painting, renovating, and just working like mad All. Day. Long. I had no time to wonder about my next career or worry about what would come next in my life. I interviewed for a job that I thought I really wanted and waited to hear back from them. And waited….and waited….They touched base every now and again over the last 4 weeks to tell me that they were still in the selection process and that I was a finalist. Then last Friday (nearly 4pm) I got the call (drum roll…..) I was not selected for the position, but please keep checking our site as we hope to be adding more positions soon and you would be perfect, blah blah blah (after the part about not being selected, everything else just sounded like Charlie Brown’s teacher).  I’ll admit it to you, I cried. I couldn’t help it. I haven’t felt that kind of rejection in more than 10 years, maybe not ever.

On further reflection: I have been blessed to be able to spend so much time with my two daughters. I said today to them that so far, this has been my best summer ever. Typically, I miss so much in the summer (my husband is in education and has been able to be home in the summers until now). I have also been blessed to have been in a career that I love for 10 years. I have been able to wake up every day and want to go to work.  I have had the best boss in the entire world. Even now, he has allowed me to stay on as a consultant through the end of July to help with special projects remotely. Because of this, I am not freaking out over not being employed and I am still a tiny bit connected to my old job.

So, rather than get up each day with no purpose in mind, I am pledging to get up, get my run in and 10 minutes of stretching (I’m going to do Cassey Ho‘s #JourneyToSplits in July), get back to where I need to be with my social media activity and blogging, and live with purpose and intention, and I know I will find a career. What is meant to be….

Have you ever stumbled off the path?

Until Next Time,


Hooray For Thinking Out Loud Thursday!

Thinking-Out-Loud2I have so much to update you on, however it is all so random that it is perfect for me to compose this post to link-up with Amanda at Running With Spoons on Thursdays Are For Thinking Out Loud!

First things first: We are moving in less than a week! YIKES! Are you ready, you might ask. And I would tell you say, “ready or not…”

Our house is a disaster of boxes and loose items. I can’t find anything, but we are making progress. We did take a large load of furniture down to storage and hopefully we only have 2-3 trips left. The goal is to have an empty house at least one full day before the closing (so I can clean and not leave any embarrassing dust bunnies or unidentifiable substances behind the kitchen appliances).

Second: I just finished reading the most wonderful book with my 11 year old daughter. The book is called Wonder and was one that her teacher picked out. It is an amazing story about a 5th grade boy who has a facial deformity and how he goes to public school for the first time. Very inspiring and has an excellent message.

Third:  I have not been doing too well on my running lately. It has been cold, rainy, and just plain miserable the last few weeks. I have only made it out a few times each week. The highlight was last week when I ran with my daughter during her first 5K. She participated in Girls On The Run this year, which is a pretty cool program to get kids running without realizing they’re running. We finished our 5K in 25 minutes — BAM!

Fourth: Speaking of sporadic, I’ve been pretty sporadic with my blogging the last few weeks. In my defense, we are relocating, I am trying to wrap up my job (that I am super sad to be leaving), my parents’ 40th Anniversary is approaching and I’m trying to help plan for that, and… the list actually goes on, but I’ll stop making excuses. It will all be better soon….right?!

Fifth: Speaking of blogging – I got my first paid post the other day! Yay me! I also managed to pick up my first paid social share campaign too. I’m not going to quit my day-job or anything, but I did do the happy dance when the money showed up in my PayPal account!

That’s all the randomness I have in me at this late hour.

Until Next Time,

What Makes A Woman Inspiring?

The Fit Dish Linkup

I’m linking up today with Jill Conyers and Jessica Joy for the weekly #FitDish Linkup. The optional topic today is, “What makes a woman inspiring”?

To me, a woman (or any person, really) is inspiring when they do what they do for the sole sake of getting it done and not for the sake of glory, credit, or pats on the back. When doing the right thing is the only thing and it comes naturally.

I am inspired by strong women who have the respect of others that you can see when she walks into a room. That kind of respect is so clearly earned that one would have to be inspired by it. When she speaks her mind, people actually listen and take stock in her opinions — that is inspiring.

I’m also inspired by the woman who is able to do it all — the daily workout, the healthy eating for the entire family, the regular blogging, the full time job, being a good parent, has polite kids,…. does that person exist? Because if so, I truly admire her!

What inspires you? Any inspirational women in your life?

Until Next Time,


Just Thinking Out Loud

Here I was thinking that I needed a blog post. What should I write about? What is inspiring me at this very moment…? Then I realized that it is Thursday and we all know that Thursdays are for Thinking Out Loud! So in the name of random thoughts, I’m linking up with Amanda at!

Random Thought 1: Did I ever mention that I made my 100 mile goal in March? Well, I did but it wasn’t pretty. I slacked off in the beginning and middle of the month and had to run quite a few miles in the final 10 days of the month to make it happen. Because of that, I was burned out and have already taken way too many days off in April and have been sporadic at best. But I got back to it on Sunday with a nice 6 mile run and have managed to get in a pretty good run daily since then. I even did intervals this week and I HATE intervals! On the bright side, it’s so nice that the sun is up earlier and there is nothing more beautiful than running towards a colorful sunrise!

Random Thought 2: Our relocation is getting closer and I’m starting to panic! I like to plan… and to have things scheduled… and to be prepared. This buying and selling of homes is so up-in-the-air! Contingencies upon contingencies, my goodness! Lining up closing dates so no one has to be homeless for a week, and don’t even get me started about packing! I just can’t wait for it to be over.

Random Thought 3: I start my 21 Day Reset with Laura Peifer next week and I am a little apprehensive about it. The first week means no sugar – no sugar substitutes, etc. I know I am always saying how I need to quit the sugar, but now that it’s looming… I just hope I can stick to the plan. It’s only 7 days and then I can have a little sugar (I think anyway). The reason why I never try detox or reset or any other crazy elimination plan is because I don’t want to give my kids the wrong impression about food. The good part about Laura’s 21 Day Reset is that the meals still look fairly normal. She provided a recipe book as a guide and I can find things in it that I don’t even think anyone around my house will even notice! I’ll update you off and on during the next 3 weeks about my progress.

My daughter’s favorite color of the moment is lime green

Random Thought 4: My 11 year old daughter is participating in a Girls on The Run Chapter at her school this year. They run their practice 5K next week – yikes! I hope she doesn’t hate running afterwards! It sounds like in practice they never track distance, so I’m wondering if any of the girls can actually run a 5K…But, as my husband says, I’m not the coach, so just trust it! I signed up to be her “buddy” at the real 5K coming up in May. I’m pretty excited about it and hope she is too. I think I’ll get us some matching wild socks (I’ve been wanting a pair of compression socks…) and probably complementing Sparkly Soul headbands!

There you have it! Four completely random Thinking Out Loud thoughts from me on this great Thursday.

What crazy things have you been thinking? Have you ever tried a Reset? Any advice on moving?

Until Next Time,


Thinking Out Loud Thursday


Hi there! Welcome to another edition of Thinking Out Loud Thursday, hosted by Amanda at Running With Spoons! I love this link up because it encourages random thoughts rather than a super organized and themed post!

Random Thought #1
Some of you will remember that one of my goals for 2015 is to run 1,000 miles. I started off strong, running just over 100 in January. Then came the February slump. I did only 69 miles in February and skipped out on some of my scheduled runs (too many to count). So, I’m back at it for March with a 100 mile goal by the end of the month. This time of year it is so tough to stay motivated!

Random Thought #2
Not so random, as it plays off my first thought: Daylight Savings Time. I’m over it. Maybe it had its day and helped the working people get more work done by maximizing the light in the day – but enough already! My internal clock can’t take it! I am very much NOT looking forward to “springing forward” this Sunday.

Random Thought #3
I’m sure I’ve mentioned that I switched my blog over to rather than .com. I made the switch on my own and so far things seem to be working as they should. It was quite a hassle, but once I sat down and really devoted the time to walk through all the steps, it really wasn’t that bad.

Random Thought #4
Again, not so random as it is connected with #3: I’m doing my first giveaway on my blog! I had the opportunity through SweatPink to sample and review Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts and the company also enabled me to do a giveaway. So PLEASE enter so that I can do more in the future! The Hemp Hearts very good and a great source of protein and omegas. I like them best on salad, but I’ve had several comments about putting them into smoothies, oatmeal, and yogurt. Enter here.

That’s about all the randomness that I have to share today! Thanks for stopping by!

Until Next Time,

5 Things Friday

Oy, where has this week gone?!  This week’s five things is kind of freestyle. Once you get into reading it you will know what I’m talking about!

️In honor of the recentl Valentine’s Day holiday, I must confess my love, which is borderline obsessive, for Assorted chocolates. They are my favorite candy, combining everything I love – chocolate, chewiness, creamy, caramel…. Yum!

❤️ Hemp Hearts- the last couple of  weeks I’ve been sampling Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts. They are packed with protein and omegas and add a deliciously nutty flavor to salads, rice, and more! Stay tuned for my review (and giveaway) that will be posted tomorrow!

❤️ Going to the hair salon – or more specifically getting my hair washed. It’s one of the most relaxing things EVER! I had an appointment this week (I got bangs!) and I am still savor inc the feel of the wash!

❤️ Spring – the days are finally getting longer. The sun is rising earlier and now my morning runs end with the sunrise rather than the gloom. Spring is around the corner and I can’t wait!

❤️ Yoga pants. Enough said!

Happy Friday!