#BuluBox Review and Special Offer!

*I received a free Bulu Box from Sweat Pink through my participation in the Ambassador Program. I was not compensated in any other way for this post. All opinions are my own. 

Fist of all, who knew that Bulu Box is located in Lincoln, NE?! As a fellow Nebraskan, I am extremely excited and honored to share my review of their service. Second, I LOVE the packaging — how motivational!

What it is: Bulu Box is a subscription service that offers monthly delivery of a box filled with 4-5 premium samples (and sometimes full-sized products) to your mailbox. The samples are geared towards wellness, fitness, health, and/or weight loss.

This is not a new concept, Birchbox (which I believe to be the first subscription box service) launched in 2010 and since then, the trend has taken off. There seems to be a subscription box service to meet all needs. The idea is to allow subscribers to sample products to determine if they want to purchase full sized products later, rather than wasting money on a full sized product only to discover it didn’t work/didn’t like it/etc. Enter Bulu Box in 2012 as the first subscription service to target health and health related items, such as vitamins.

What it costs: Most subscription box services range from $10-$40 monthly and Bulu Box does not deviate from that range, coming in at only $10 per month for a 1, 3, or 6 month subscription (and that includes shipping). It is slightly cheaper if you opt for a 12 month subscription. **Use code: SWEATPINK to save 50% on a 3 month subscription! 

What’s inside: Each box contains 4-5 samples of various products targeting general health and wellness. *Note: you can also subscribe to a weight loss box that is specifically targeted towards weight loss. The products sent are based on the subscriber’s profile so  boxes will vary among subscribers.

Here are the items that I received:

As promised, 4-5 sample-sized products (plus one full sized and one Lifestyle Bonus)

I tried these before a long run and was surprised that I didn’t get a side ache (you have to eat the entire package -11 gummies 20 minutes prior to exercise).

These are the tastiest vitamins EVER! But I wouldn’t expect less from Martha Stewart!

Have you tried Bulu Box? If so, what did you get in  your last box? Do you subscribe to any other monthly box services? I’m a sucker for them and have tried quite a variety. I’d love to hear your favorite services.

Don’t forget, you can save 50% on a 3 month subscription to Bulu Box by using code SWEATPINK at checkout!

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