Breaking Barriers

I just submitted my Fitness A-ha Moment for SweatPink and thought I’d share it with you all as well. I think mental barriers, the formidable “I can’t” gets in our way much more often than we realize. Imagine overcoming your barrier — what does that look like? What could that do for you? Visualize it, and then conquer it!

My Fitness Aha Moment came about 14 years ago. My now husband (James) and I had been dating for several months (long enough for me to know he was “the one”). He was an elite runner when we met, training for marathons hoping to one day compete in the Olympic Trials. He is 6’1″ and weighs 135 pounds (yeah, that could give nearly any girl a complex!). I was, at the time, nearly 150 pounds. I had all kinds of super unhealthy habits, mostly in terms of eating. I did regularly workout, though mostly did strength and not cardio because “running is hard”.

One day, I was whining about my weight and James just said to me, “change into workout clothes, we’re going running.” He refused to listen to me whine about something that I could potentially fix.  That first day of running was eyeopening. First, my legs got tired, then I got a side ache. He just kept encouraging me, saying things like, “just go one more minute and it will get better.” And you know what? It did. My mental barrier broke 4 minutes into my run. That afternoon, we ran 20 minutes. From that day on, I ran 20 minutes nearly every day. I hurt for the first 4 minutes and then it gradually subsided. I also quit drinking full sugar soda and just between those two changes, I lost 15 pounds in just a few months.

Today, I’m no elite runner, but I do run nearly every single day. I aim for 5 miles daily plus a longer run on the weekends. I’ve competed in Half Marathons and other various distance races, including a Tough Mudder. Running is a part of who I am now and it is a part of our family life. It is important for us to set a healthy example for our two young daughters. We do that through running together, hiking, playing active games like tag, and encouraging healthy snacks.

Running has helped me maintain a steady weight (and finally weigh less than my husband!) A-HA!

Breaking Barriers

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