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Because of the topics that I typically write about, I am sure you are expecting a post about a new raw diet or something health related. I hate to disappoint readers, but today’s post is about me. It is open and honest – in the raw.

If you’ve been reading my posts this past year, you are aware that we made a major life change early this summer by relocating due to my husband’s career opportunity. I left my job (a very good job) and was blessed to stay at home with my girls all summer long. The goal was to have a job secured by the time they went back to school. Well, here I am writing this blog post… in the middle of the day…in sweatpants. I, my friends, am unemployed. While I truly had the best summer of my life being able to stay at home with my kids, I am sinking fast into feeling like a royal loser. I am very employable. I have a Master’s degree for crying out loud. I have 10 years experience in executive management roles — yet, no one is knocking down the door to hire me. Oh wait, no one is even near the door. It isn’t that I’m getting passed by all the opportunities, in fact that is part of the problem, there haven’t been many opportunities.

I am a realist and know that in this day and age it is who you know. Knowing that, I reached out to people that I knew in this area long before we moved here. Each of them assuring me there would be plenty of opportunities and they couldn’t wait for me to get here. Ahem…still here…still in sweats. I hit a bit of a low yesterday. I’m calling it my “terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.” In fact, I cried about 6 different times. I’m a confident and positive person, I don’t get down on myself often. I actually refer to myself as “half-full” because I always see the bright side, the silver lining. Yesterday, it was cloudy (figuratively and literally).

I’m sharing this with you all because I need to get it out and then move on. We all have our moments in the dark and what is important is finding the strength to pull ourselves out of those moments. I started today with a smile on my face and a positive attitude and I’m not going to look back. I will get a job and it will be a great job. Thanks for listening!

Have you ever had one of those days (or series of days)? How do you pull yourself out of it? Are you hiring? ?

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