2015 Fitness/Wellness Goals

Wellness for 2015As I mentioned in a previous post, I have more specific running/fitness/wellness goals for 2015 that I didn’t necessarily want to bulk in with my New Year’s Resolutions. For one, I had quite a list going and I didn’t want to be overwhelmed by my own list of resolutions! This way I can break it down a bit. I also have some blogging goals that I’ll save for another post.

Run 1,000 miles in 2015 – At first, I was terrified to put this in writing and commit to doing it, but I think it’s totally doable. I signed up for Greater Fitness’s 100 Miles in January Challenge and thought, “why not challenge myself each month to run 100 miles?” I also just signed up for the Run This Year (RTY) where there are monthly prizes and accountability to get your miles in.  I plan to do a half marathon sometime during the course of the year and that will surely tip my miles to 100 or more per month. I should have no problems reaching this – that’s my hope anyway!

Go for the PR – I want to hit a PR in every distance that I run this year, namely the 5K, 10K, and Half. I haven’t run a competitive 5K in a while, so I am curious to see how I will do. In the past year, I have stepped up my running and am in pretty good shape, so I think I can get sub 23:00. As for the 10K, I’ve only run one. The course seemed brutal to me, but I completed it in 52:19. I’d like to get 48:00. My half PR was set last June 1:48 on a great course. I don’t have a set time in mind, just better than 1:48.

Eat less sugar – this was one of my goals last year as well and I think I failed miserably! My family likes dessert and we like candy. As a member of an extended family that has more Diabetics than non, I really need to do a better job of this. Also, if I make the right choices, my children will too and I would love for them to not have to struggle with this later in life. We have made small steps and choosing lower calorie choices, i.e. licorice over Reese’s, but it’s still candy.

Participate actively in monthly challenges – In order to keep things ever-changing and exciting, a variety of bloggers and YouTube personalities host monthly fitness challenges. As I mentioned earlier, currently, I’m participating in the 100 January Miles Challenge. I also signed up for 30 days of Yoga with Adriene. So far, I am only behind 1 day and I feel pretty good about that.

Have smoothies for breakfast – I know this one sounds silly, but I really would like to do a better job with my breakfast. Right now, I eat Greek yogurt and Kashi almost every. Single. Day. I’d like to incorporate smoothies at least a couple of times each week.  So if you have any good smoothie recipes – send them over!

I’m sure throughout the year, I’ll set mini goals, but for now this is my list. This is my accountability. What are some of your fitness/wellness goals for 2015?

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*check out other blogger’s posts about goals and resolution or just about fitness, in general!

8 thoughts on “2015 Fitness/Wellness Goals

  1. You have some ambitious goals–it’s great motivation! I like smoothies, but I feel more satisfied if I eat more calories. Plus, my morning drink is coffee!

  2. Great goals Meg! I’m with you on the half marathon, running miles for 2015 (though I’m just tracking them, I haven’t set a target number yet) and more yoga too. Your PRs are similar to mine too, but from a few years ago when I was running more consistently. It will be great to have someone to follow with similar goals 🙂

    • this is the first time I’ve set a target number for miles. Hopefully it doesn’t stress me out! I’m doing the 100 miles in January and might be a little obsessed with tracking and calculating daily miles! We’ll see!

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